July 10, 2016

Review: Rosegal Jewelry and Clothing

A few weeks ago the fashion website Rosegal contacted me and asked me if I’d like to try out and review a few of their products. I checked out their website and figured it was worth a shot—the jewelry especially caught my eye and everything was very affordable. I picked out several items and overall I’m very happy with them! I did receive the products for free but this post is not sponsored, so all my opinions are genuine.

I was indecisive about this item but ended up really looking forward to it, probably because I’ve been watching so much Game of Thrones lately! The earring is just as detailed as the one in the photo but unfortunately it doesn’t fit my ear very well. The dragon tail ends in a stud and I wish the top part had a clip on it so it would be more secure. At least it looks cool in photographs!

Another cuffed earring style, this one is much easier to wear than the dragon! The cuff is adjustable and it looks very elegant on. The flower/jeweled part is a clip on, which I didn’t expect, but it’s still comfortable to wear.

The final earrings I chose are these double-ended beauties with black gems in the caged part of the back. There were a lot of other gem colors, but I love the black and gold combo. Again, these look just like the photos on the website.

Another item that didn’t quite work for me was this masked ring. I still love the design but this is far too small for my giant fingers. I will be gifting this to someone so it won’t go to waste!

This ring is adjustable so it does fit any finger I want it to, thankfully! This is a nice, simple design and I could imagine paying twice or even three times the cost of this in another store.

I wear a lot of gold jewelry so I also chose a gold leaf ring option. This one is also adjustable, perfect for my big fingers! It adds a nice pop of color to a neutral outfit and it matches a lot of necklaces I own.

This is my favorite piece, I think it’s so easy to wear and every time I wear it I get a lot of compliments on it. The delicate chain feels lightweight and it doesn’t slip up and down like a regular bracelet. Am I the only one who hates that aspect of bracelets? Anyway, I’m getting a ton of use out of this and my only complaint is that I can’t put it on by myself as I need someone to fasten it for me!

To take a break from all the jewelry, I also picked out a shirt. I’ve always been hesitant to order clothes online but I figured I had nothing to lose and this shirt looked right up my street! The material feels nice, it flows beautifully, and I like the pattern. I got a size small and I was worried about it being too small for me, but it’s actually bigger than I anticipated. I haven’t worn this yet as it’s too low cut for me to wear to work, but I will definitely wear it at some point. As with most of the other items I received, I could imagine paying a much bigger price for this in a different store.

Therefore based on what I picked out, I think Rosegal is a great website and I would order from them again! Lots of their items are discounted from already good prices, so they don’t break the bank. The only aspect of their service I can’t attest to are shipping times and prices. Express shipping, which I kindly received, was about three to four days!

What do you think of the items I picked? Are any of them your style?

Xx Katie
8 comments on "Review: Rosegal Jewelry and Clothing"
  1. I love the rings, and bracelet ring chain is really cool.
    A New Old Fashioned Girl

  2. Lovely post! Wow all of this jewellery is so pretty! I absolutely love that bracelet and ring chain, it looks so pretty on! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I think my favourite is the silver leaf ring and I like that it is adjustable :)


  4. You picked out some really pretty pieces, especially the rings, shame one of them didn't fit :( love ordering adjustable rings as you can't go too far wrong!

    The Makeup Directory

  5. Wow such a cool jewelry! I love those earrings but rings look great as well x


  6. That jewelry looks very pretty. x


  7. so many interesting pieces ! love this !


  8. wow so nice tips!! I love to buy jewellery online from TheFemall.com!! Thanks for sharing with us. Keep continue...


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