March 8, 2018

Chantecaille Philanthropy Blush

Ever since Beauty News first talked about these beautiful blushes I've had my eye on them, but I didn't want to purchase one for several reasons:

1. The $40 price tag.
2. I didn't think Chantecaille was cruelty-free, like most other luxury brands.
3. It was never in stock anywhere.
4. The $40 price tag!

However, I got a VISA gift card that would cover most of the cost, the blushes came into stock, and I did my research on Chantecaille's cruelty-free status, so when my birthday came around I decided to treat myself. (Let's all ignore the fact that I treated myself three different times for my birthday)

This blush line has several different shades, each with a different animal embedded in it, and I was torn between the bee, the coral, and the sea turtle. A portion of the profit would also go to benefit the animal that the blush represented. I decided on the coral because I liked the shade and I figured that by benefiting coral reefs, lots of other species are helped, too.

Chantecaille vs. Hourglass

When the blush first arrived, I must admit I was underwhelmed. The packaging was gorgeous and luxe, but I hadn't realized how little product you get. It's only 2.5 grams! An Hourglass blush, for comparison, is 4.2 grams and it is a similar price. An Essence Satin Touch blush is double the product and is only a few dollars. You really don't get your money's worth of product, even if the packaging and design is luxurious. The silver packaging is heavy and simple, but it feels expensive.

As for the formula, it's truly beautiful. It is the softest, silkiest blush I've ever used. And it blends so seamlessly into the skin! I was worried at first about how bright the shade is, but it seems like no matter how much I apply it can always be blended out if at first it is too pigmented. It lasts well, though is not the longest-lasting blush that I have tried.

In short, I think if you want the Chantecaille Philanthropy blush it won't be a waste of money. However, there are blushes at the same price point (and lower!) in which you get way more product and the formula is nearly as good. I highly recommend the Hourglass blushes, and Tarte blushes last for ages.

It does take me a very long time to use up a blush so even if I used this blush every day it would probably take a year to use up, so I personally am not too upset about the small size. Be aware of it if you are interested in this product! Other than the small size and high price, I don't see any cons to this gorgeous blush and I do recommend it. It kills me to see the gorgeous design fading, but blushes are meant to be used!

I don't think I will be picking up any more of these blushes (although the bee one is calling my name) but Chantecaille is definitely a brand I will be watching!

What do you think of this product?

Xx Katie
11 comments on "Chantecaille Philanthropy Blush"
  1. Wow, that looks beautiful but man...that price tag! I was looking up the different shades too, and I think I would get the one with the horse on it!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  2. I am also reluctent when it comes to spending lots of $$$ on blushes. I do aim to eventually get the hourglass blushes as they truly appeal to me and look amazing.

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  4. This looks like such a stunning blush colour, I will have to check it out!

    Danielle xx

  5. Oh my gosh they look so beautiful, I can't believe how pricey they are! Definitely a treat kinda purchase xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  6. It's a beautiful shade! I'm thinking of buying a few from hourglass, would you recommend them?

  7. this blush is beautiful and I love that it helps to benefit the animal x

  8. The blush looks great, but yes the price tag is scary x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  9. I agree that $40 is a bit high. It does look lovely thought.

    A Sparkle Of Grace


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