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January 30, 2016

January Favorites

I can’t believe January is almost over! The first month of 2016 has flown by! And to think, I’m still accidentally writing ‘2015’ on papers. Anyway, this has been a great month and year so far and I’ve discovered a lot of new things that I’m now obsessed with.
January 26, 2016

Everyday Makeup

I absolutely love reading and watching everyday makeup posts. I feel that it’s the best way to really know what products someone is loving at the moment. Going through my make-up, I use A LOT of products every single day. So without further ado…
January 24, 2016

Review: Flower Glisten Up! Highlighter Chubby

I first saw this product over a year ago in an Into the Gloss article about the best drugstore highlighters and immediately wanted to try it! I am so very glad that I did. For a drugstore product, it’s a great highlighter and I find myself using it often. It’s especially useful in the winter months when my skin looks dull and dry, and a pressed powder highlighter just won’t cut it!
January 21, 2016

Perfect Pink Lipsticks

Now that the festive season has come and gone, I’ve been ditching my red and berry lips in favor of pink ones. “Pink”, of course, includes quite an array of shades in my lipstick collection. Baby pink, Barbie pink, fuchsia….there’s such a variety! For this post I picked a rainbow of pink lipsticks from my collection and I thought I would talk you through them!
January 17, 2016

Review: Clinique Chubby Stick and Chubby Stick Intense

January 12, 2016

Beauty Shopping List

Whenever I hear about a product that works really well I immediately want to try it for myself. However, as a college student, I can’t afford to pick up every luxurious item I hear about. Therefore, I put it on my shopping list so I can purchase it at a later date. It’s been getting quite long recently, so I thought I would share my wish list! Most of these products have been mentioned by either my friends, beauty vloggers/bloggers, or I simply see them advertised on Instagram. I’ll get around to buying them…eventually!

January 10, 2016

Concealing Under-eye Circles With Drugstore Products

Nine out of ten people have them, regardless of how much sleep they get: dark circles. These were my biggest insecurity throughout high school and I tried a dozen concealers in the process of trying to cover them up. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of articles, videos, and “hacks” about how to conceal those pesky dark shadows. Thankfully, I’ve finally found a combination of concealers that works for me, so of course I’m going to share it with you!
January 6, 2016

Review: Stila "In the Light" Palette

This Stila palette, one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, comes with ten shades, an eyeliner, a magnetic-close case, and a big mirror. While I haven’t tested out the eyeliner as thoroughly as the shadows, the overall palette is an amazing purchase and I absolutely adore it.  

All of the shades are wearable—not quite in the “nude” category, but still subtle and very blendable. The palette has four matte shades and six shimmery shades that can be combined in so many different ways! My favorite shades are kitten, bubbly, and luster, but I have used all of them. The only shade I don’t really like is night sky because it’s a metallic gray-toned blue, and I don’t like blue shades paired with my brown eyes. When I do use it, I use it sparingly blended with the other shades.
January 4, 2016

Shopping & Christmas Haul

This past weekend I went to the Southern part of Michigan to have a Christmas Party with my mom’s family and I did some shopping along the way! Where I live, there are very few decent shops so this was a bit of a special occasion. I’m really excited about my purchases and the gifts I received so of course I wanted to share them on my blog!