January 24, 2016

Review: Flower Glisten Up! Highlighter Chubby

I first saw this product over a year ago in an Into the Gloss article about the best drugstore highlighters and immediately wanted to try it! I am so very glad that I did. For a drugstore product, it’s a great highlighter and I find myself using it often. It’s especially useful in the winter months when my skin looks dull and dry, and a pressed powder highlighter just won’t cut it!

The texture of this highlighter is really interesting. I apply it either by swiping the chubby across my cheekbones and then blending it with my fingers, or I use my fingers from the get-go and apply it that way. It has a very smooth, creamy, almost oily consistency that really helps to illuminate dull skin.

Other drugstore highlighters I’ve tried are always packed with glitter, but this has only the slightest bit of shimmer in it.  ‘Pearl Shimmer’ leaves an iridescent, pearly-gold highlight on the cheekbones that looks beautiful on pale people like me. You can apply a thick or sheer layer, depending on how much of a highlight you want, and then you can blend it out from there.They have three different highlighter shades (Pearl Shimmer is the lightest one) and also a lip/cheek chubby that looks similar.

There is, unfortunately, a con to this highlighter. It doesn’t last all day. At best, it’s lasted around five hours for me. Luckily it’s quite portable and I can carry it around in my purse and reapply as needed.

If you’re looking for a highlighter that is on the cheap side, check this out! Available online here or in Walmart stores for $9.98 USD.   

Xx Katie
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