January 17, 2016

Review: Clinique Chubby Stick and Chubby Stick Intense

I have two of these magical coloured lip balms, one chubby stick intense and one regular chubby stick. The packaging of these is really pretty. Both have metallic silver accents, but the regular chubby stick has a clear lid and the intense chubby stick has a metallic lid.

You get quite a lot of product in the chubby sticks and the curvy, crayon-like nib is a perfect applicator!

First, let’s talk about the original chubby stick, which I have in the shade 07 “Super Strawberry”. This product is very sheer, but the colour that appears is quite pretty. I would describe it as a ‘my lips but better’ sort of shade, as it is a bit more pink than my natural color. I love it for daytime use and you can apply it whenever, wherever without worrying about uneven application. This definitely is more of a lip balm than a lipstick or lip gloss. The color isn't very buildable, either. The top, thin swatch is just one application and the thicker bottom Super Strawberry swatch was my attempt to build up the pigmentation.

The chubby stick intense, however, applies like a lip balm but looks like a lipstick. It is very pigmented and leaves a nice, glossy finish. The shade 03 “Mightiest Maraschino” is bright red and looks amazing on the lips! I used it a lot around the holiday season and will continue to use it for when I go out and want my lips to pop. This color also isn't very buildable, but because the color is so bright it isn't an issue.

Both chubby sticks feel very moisturizing on the lips. The formula is very smooth, gentle, and hydrating. I actually like it better than most of the lip balms I have! I reapply every three to four hours or after I eat. The color of the original chubby stick isn’t very noticeable so I reapply it for the hydration, not the color. The chubby stick intense color lasts for a much longer time, although I do reapply it after eating or drinking. A thin layer is all I need!

If you’d like to purchase one of these products I’d recommend the chubby stick intense over the original. $17.00 is a lot to pay for a slightly tinted lip balm, regardless of how pretty it is. The chubby stick intense packs a lot more pigmentation with the same moisturizing feel, and for the same price I think it’s a much better value!

You can purchase Clinique's Original Chubby Stick or the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense at Sephora, a Clinique counter, or at various other online make-up stores!

Xx Katie

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3 comments on "Review: Clinique Chubby Stick and Chubby Stick Intense"
  1. I've used Super Strawberry for years, love it as an everyday lip colour because it feels so balmy. The Intense one looks beautiful though, need to check it out!
    Brigitte x

    brigittehayley.com | youtube.com/brigittehayley.com

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  3. Would you know the shelf life of the chubby stick?


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