January 21, 2016

Perfect Pink Lipsticks

Now that the festive season has come and gone, I’ve been ditching my red and berry lips in favor of pink ones. “Pink”, of course, includes quite an array of shades in my lipstick collection. Baby pink, Barbie pink, fuchsia….there’s such a variety! For this post I picked a rainbow of pink lipsticks from my collection and I thought I would talk you through them!

                                                                                       Light Pinks

Inglot 249: First of all, I’m really disappointed that this lipstick doesn’t have a name. Numbers are so boring! This Inglot lipstick is baby pink with slight purple undertones. It’s can be sheer when applied lightly or the color can be built up to the shade you can see in the swatch above. It leaves a subtle glossy finish and it feels really nice on the lips!

Clinique Precious Pink: I’ve had this one for a very long time and as you can see it’s been well-loved! This pale, shimmery pink is just a bit lighter than my natural lip color and it looks lovely alone or with clear gloss on top. The satin finish is perfect for casual or everyday make-up!

Clinique Matte Beauty: One of the two matte finishes I included in this post, this lipstick is very pigmented and it applies like a dream. It’s a soft but bright pink shade that looks more natural than the other light pink shades I’ve included. Full review here!

L'Oreal Tickled Pink: This is another product that I’ve had stored away in my make-up collection for a long time! It has a shiny finish and it feels very nice on. I like to pair it with a pale pink lipgloss for an even glossier look!


Bright Pinks

Revlon Stormy Pink: Another matte shade that I’ve had for quite a while, Stormy Pink is bright, Barbie/bubblegum pink that is great for a night out!

MAC Hot Gossip : This just recently arrived but I’m already obsessed with the color! This is a Cremesheen lipstick that is a rich, darker pink. If you have watched the TV show Scream Queens, this is the lipstick Chanel wears in the show!

Clinique Rose Taffy: Another old favorite, Rose Taffy is a darker pink with just a hint of gold shimmer in it. I like to wear this to work or school because it’s a fun but professional shade.

Maybelline Glisten Up Pink : I used to wear this lipstick every. Single. Day. Swatching it now takes me back! The pigmentation of this product is somewhere between sheer and opaque. It’s one of the brightest shades I’ve included and it leaves your lips shiny and shimmery!

L'Oreal Pink Flamingo: and finally, from the same line as Tickled Pink (above), is the brightest pink shade I’ve included in this post. It’s a similar Barbie shade to Revlon’s Stormy Pink but with a satin finish rather than a matte. If you’re feeling bold, give this a try!

Everyone has some shade of pink that looks amazing on them. Hopefully I’ve included one here that you want to try! What are your favorite pink lipsticks? Will you save them until spring or wear them mind-snowstorm like me?

Xx Katie
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7 comments on "Perfect Pink Lipsticks"
  1. Lovely shades, especially the MAC Hot gossip :) xx


    1. I've been using it every day since I've got it! Obsessed x

  2. So many lovely pink lipsticks! I like the MAC one...
    Lovely blog too. Have a great day,


  3. This is the best shade of lipstick displayed here but eventually the efficient removal of waterproof lipstick is a challenge as many a times lips loose their original color.

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  6. Great review for Pink Bold Lip colors Lover like me!! You should also know about trendy Bold Lip Colors looks which are getting more popularity in recent times.
    I'm sure the rest of all would like it too.


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