January 6, 2016

Review: Stila "In the Light" Palette

This Stila palette, one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, comes with ten shades, an eyeliner, a magnetic-close case, and a big mirror. While I haven’t tested out the eyeliner as thoroughly as the shadows, the overall palette is an amazing purchase and I absolutely adore it.  

All of the shades are wearable—not quite in the “nude” category, but still subtle and very blendable. The palette has four matte shades and six shimmery shades that can be combined in so many different ways! My favorite shades are kitten, bubbly, and luster, but I have used all of them. The only shade I don’t really like is night sky because it’s a metallic gray-toned blue, and I don’t like blue shades paired with my brown eyes. When I do use it, I use it sparingly blended with the other shades.

My breakdown of the shades: (Do I get extra points for creative description? No? Okay.) Also, apologies for my chipped nails!

Bare: matte cream shade. Makes a good base or highlight.

Kitten: shimmery pale pink, also good base or highlight and a very versatile shade overall.

Bliss: matte ruddy beige (which matches my fingertips very well, so unfortunately the swatch didn’t work out too well)

Sunset: shimmery copper-bronze. Looks nice with kitten, bliss, and sandstone especially.

Sandstone: matte dark brown

Bubbly: shimmery pale gold, one of the most versatile shades in the palette!

Gilded Gold: shimmery dark golden brown.

Luster: shimmery dark taupe.

Night Sky: shimmery steel blue.

Ebony: Matte black, also makes a nice eyeliner if you use a wet gel liner brush!

The pigmentation of these shadows is fantastic. The lightest swipe leaves my finger coated with product, as you can see, and when I use brushes only the slightest dab is needed. The shades also blend really well and last all day. While I would say most of these shades are better for daytime wear, they can easily be darkened with the few darker colors in the palette. “Luster” is especially pretty for going out.

The eyeliner in “Damsel” is nice, but I don’t find myself reaching for it as often as the eyeshadows. Damsel is a dark brown, almost taupe eyeliner which applies easily, evenly, and lasts a decent amount of time. It looks good with the shades in the palette. However, I probably wouldn’t purchase the eyeliner on its own. I consider the eyeshadows themselves to be a great deal (it's currently on sale for about $20.00) so the eyeliner is an added bonus even if it isn’t my favorite!

My only issue with the palette, overall, is the packaging. While it is really pretty (and has some rose gold features! You all know how I love my rose gold!) the magnetic holding isn’t very practical. Fine for when it’s sitting on a make-up counter, but it’s risky to take it on trips as I’m worried about it in my make-up bag. But, who am I kidding, I never go anywhere so this isn’t a major problem for me. If you’re a traveler, consider ensuring the safety of this palette by looping a hair band around it!

This palette has definitely earned itself a spot in my favorites! I’ve been recommending it to all my friends ever since I purchased it. If you’re looking for a new palette to add to your collection, “In the Light” is a steal. You can purchase it for yourself here!

Xx Katie
2 comments on "Review: Stila "In the Light" Palette"
  1. Ive never tried anything from Stila but this palette looks so gorgeous! xx


  2. Lovely photos!
    -Morgs x


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