May 7, 2018

April Empties

Long time no post! Last week was finals week so I took a little time off to study and hopefully it paid off! Anyway, now that I have a lot more free time I am hoping to get back on my posting schedule. I wanted to start it off with one of my favorite posts to read and write, all of the products that I finished last month!

As always I have tried to link to a website where you can shop these products and it is where I get my price information from. Also, to the best of my knowledge, I have included which products are not cruelty-free (not CF) or I couldn't find clear information on. I still have a goal of using up $1000 worth of makeup in 2018 so I updated my total at the end of this post. Now let's get into the products that I used up recently!

Groovi Beauty Candied Plum makeup wipes (may not be CF) | $3.00
I usually prefer micellar water to makeup wipes, but I've had these for ages and wanted to use them up so I made an effort to use them! The scent was a little strong for me and they didn't remove my makeup very well, though that might be because they were old. Would not repurchase.

Biore Pore Strips 14 pack (not CF) | $7.52
There's something so satisfying about pore strips, isn't there? I don't find them as effective now that my skincare routine is better but I used to love using these every few weeks! I would like to find a cruelty-free alternative!

Bath and Body Works Good Vibes Only bath fizzy | $6.95
I got this for Christmas and can't find the scent listed anywhere, but I didn't really like this bath bomb. The scent wasn't very strong and it didn't transform the color of the water at all. Would not repurchase.

Crabtree & Evelyn London Revitalizing Seaweed Travel Conditioner (may not be CF) | $2.99
I bought this as my conditioner for my trip to Mexico and used it up just after I got back. It was another product I wasn't very impressed with. My hair really needed some hydration while I was constantly swimming in the pool and the ocean but this conditioner just didn't provide enough. If you want a really light conditioner you may like this but my dry hair needed more! I've switched to a different conditoner in my collection and would not repurchase this one if I found it again at TJ Maxx.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge | $5.99
This is my favorite beauty sponge! I'm happy to repurchase it and I just found a great deal on a pack of these sponges. However, I have noticed that not every RT sponge performs the same. Some rip really quickly and others last for months. Hopefully the big set that I found has some of the better sponges!

Pureology Strength Cure travel conditioner | $3.99
I bought this thinking that it was a travel shampoo, but I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle. I needed an extra conditioner in Mexico so I was glad that I bought it. It was more hydrating than the Crabtree & Evelyn one, but still not my favorite conditioner. I would rather purchase something from Briogeo or Living Proof.

Hey Honey Uncover Detoxifying Mud Mask 15 ml sample | estimated $15.88
This sample was from an Ipsy bag and I finally got around to using it. It was a very light mask, you really had to build it up for it to look like a traditional mud mask, and it smelled like lavender. It wasn't drying like most mud masks are on my skin so I did enjoy it!

Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash 30 ml sample | estimated $4.20 (from a set)
I took this cleanser with me to Mexico and I really liked it! It's not quite a cream and not quite a gel, but it is pretty gentle on the skin and was neither drying or hydrating. I would consider getting the full size when I'm done with all of the other cleansers in my collection.

Ciate Wonderwand Mascara sample | estimated $8.11
If you like hourglass-shaped mascaras like the Better Than Sex mascara or the Lash Paradise you may want to check this out! It's very lengthening but the formula is more dry than the similar products from Too Faced and L'Oreal. I personally liked it, but it may be too dry/not deposit enough product onto the lashes for some people.

Pur Fully Charged mascara sample | $15.00
I thought this was an okay, average mascara. I didn't notice any special "magnetic" properties that this mascara claimed to have. I wouldn't purchase a full size of it because a lot of drugstore mascaras do the exact same thing.

Skittles lip balm (maybe from Lip Smackers?) (maybe not CF) | estimated $1.00
Did anyone else use nothing but scented lip balms from Lip Smackers when they were younger? I found this in a drawer somewhere and loved the scent so much that I decided to keep using it! It wasn't the most hydrating lip balm, but it was mouthwatering.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo (not CF) | $2.99
I have this horrible problem of half-using hair products and then shoving them in a drawer somewhere so I can start using something new. I decided to dig this out and finish it up so that it's not taking up space in my drawers! I didn't find it very hydrating but it smelled lovely and cleaned my hair well.

Member's Mark Mango Coconut body wash (maybe not CF) | estimated $3.00
My family bought a 3-pack of these body washes at Sam's Club and gave me one randomly. It smelled really nice and tropical and lasted ages! It also foamed nicely. I have a ton of body washes to get through but I would consider repurchasing this if I could get a definitive answer about the company being cruelty-free.

This month's total: $80.62
Previous total: $305.44
New total: $386.06

I still have to push myself to finish more products (or more expensive products) in my collection so that I can hit my $1000 goal by the end of the year!

Have you finished any makeup, skincare, or haircare recently?

Xx Katie

26 comments on "April Empties"
  1. You went trough quite a few products and that's amazing. I agree with you about the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo, it's not very hydrating and neither is the conditioner.

    Ann-Marie |

  2. Welcome back! I adore that RT sponge and will forever repurchase it too. I do agree that some rip quicker than others, I wish the quality is more consistent.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  3. So many empties for one month, I am so lucky if I get one or two empties!

    Danielle xx

  4. I love the Herbal Essences coconut range, it's one of my favourites but it's so affordable xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

  5. I've found the same with the RT sponges. my first one didn't work as well as my current one for some reason and definitely didn't last that long whatsoever. my current one has lasted for ageeees. you're doing really well on your goal!

  6. I love that you're working hard at using up your products! I'm doing the same but putting a value on it is a great way to motivate! - Amy

  7. I was really looking forward to one of these from you Katie and it was superb! x I love biore as a brand and have their self heating cleanser and also the pore clearing one but I've neevr tried their strips and, you've got to love a good nose strip from time to time, eh! I totally agree with you on those real technique sponges - I had one that lasted me quite a while and another that lasted me all of 2 weeks! x
    Marina Rosie x

  8. I love love love those nose strips, I use them all the time! Great list

    Kay xx

  9. I love the Real Techniques blending sponges, I just picked up one of the Diamond sponges at TJ Maxx hopefully it's as good.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

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