December 21, 2017

Photowall Review and Discount Code!

Just in time for the holidays, I received a message from the Swedish mural and canvas print company Photowall about a potential collaboration. Immediately I thought of my mom, who loves to put canvas photos all over our house. We even have one of our dog, but somehow my mom doesn't have one of her and my dad! I thought it would make the perfect present so I was happy to try the brand.

Looking at the website, there is a lot of variety in the prints that you can get, including customizable ones. There are thousands of ready-made prints to choose from, like landscapes, art, and film. I decided to go for a canvas print and I uploaded my own image. I didn't want my mom to catch on to what I was doing, so I used a photo of her and my dad from their vacation to Oregon. It's from Facebook so I was a bit worried about how the quality of the image would translate onto the canvas, but I think it looks great.

The original photo I uploaded, uncropped

I wish that there would have been more cropping options for the customized canvas. Once it arrived I understood why, but online you can only order the square options so I had to crop my photo. I chose a roughly 15 x 15 inch canvas to match some of the canvases my family already has. I did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review, but as always that doesn't affect my opinion of a product or service.

The canvas arrived within a week, very quick considering it came from Sweden! I was a bit surprised that it wasn't put together when it arrived, so I'll give you a fair bit of warning: some self-assembly is required. Considering how poorly I did in woodshop in high school, I was very apprehensive about it. Luckily the instructions weren't too hard to follow and I figured out how to put it together in about fifteen minutes!

To get more detailed, the box arrives with four identical wooden pieces which have screw holes and adhesive on each of them. The corners of the wood pieces all fit together perfectly and then you take off the tape, revealing the adhesive, and attach it to the canvas. I recommend drawing some pencil lines on the back of the canvas to mark where each piece is meant to go. My canvas isn't stretched across perfectly because of this. Once it's all stuck to the canvas, there are some metal frames for each corner and a few screws to hold it together more firmly.

From there, you have a beautiful canvas that is ready to be hung up! I hope my mom likes it, I do think it makes an excellent sentimental gift! If you've taken family photos recently, wedding photos, baby photos, etc. it's a nice way to mark the occasion.

Photowall also kindly offered a discount code to my followers if you would like to use it on your order! It's not an affiliate link, so I don't make any sort of compensation from it, but it will give you 20% off on their whole site. My code is KatieMillsCampaign2017 and it will be available for the next 30 days!

What do you think of this as a gift idea?

Xx Katie

6 comments on "Photowall Review and Discount Code! "
  1. I love this! I think we all need to start getting our photos printed more and a canvas is a great way to show off out photos!

    Your photo is lovely you got!

    Fix Me In Forty Five


  2. It's a lovely idea for gifts, I would love to have one for my parents too!!! So many special moments to share with family!! :)


  3. This is such a sweet gift for them! I'm sure they would love it. My mother in law loves to take pictures all the time so I'm sure she'd love something similar!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  4. The canvas turned out so good. I love photowall. I just recently got a canvas from them too.

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