May 30, 2016

May Favorites

Unlike most months, May hasn't seemed to fly by! It started with my final exams, then a glorious week of relaxation, and then my summer job started up with even longer hours than usual. Of course, being busy never stopped me from finding new things to enjoy--if anything it leads me to splurging because I've worked so hard. So here are all of the things I've been loving this month!


Bareminerals Bareskin concealer in Light-$20
With exams and the changing weather comes breakouts. I initially bought this concealer for my undereyes but as it matches my skin so well it's better suited for covering blemishes. It's been a lifesaver!

Milani blush in Tea Rose-$8.49
This affordable, rose-embossed blush in a bright pink shade is perfect for spring! I've been reaching for this every day, it gives the most beautiful, natural flush to the skin.

Stila Neapolitan eyeshadow trio
Although I love putting on make-up in the morning, some days I'm too tired or don't have enough time to put in much effort. In steps this trio! The shades included, inspired by chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, are perfect for creating a fuss-free look. Stila's shadows are some of my favorites as they are so soft and blendable, and these are no exception!

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette-$15
This little beauty arrived around the beginning of the month and with 30 shadows included I wanted to put as many to the test as possible before I reviewed it! Whenever I wasn't wearing Neapolitan I was wearing these. There's a great assortment of colors and most of them are quite good quality considering how inexpensive this palette is! The plum, marbled, and olive shades are my favorite.


Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
I'm sure I'm not exactly the intended age group for this book, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! The main character is a blogger so it felt very relatable to me. It was a quick read and I think I'm going to get the sequel soon!

Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan
Last semester I took a mythology class (gotta get those humanities credits out of the way somehow!) and I really liked it, especially the section on Greek mythology. It reminded me of a series I'd read and loved ages ago, the Percy Jackson series. A quick Internet search informed me that the author had written a sequel series of five books, so I ordered them all! At my job I'm allowed to read when customers aren't in so with plenty of time on my hands I finished all five this month. I'm considering ordering some of Riordan's other series as I really enjoy his writing style.


The LA Complex
I started a Netflix free trial this month and I was surprised to see that this Canadian drama was on there! I'd watched the first season but never the second, so I finished up the series this month. It's about a group of young actors, dancers, comedians, rappers, and producers trying to make it in LA while dealing with personal issues. Think Melrose Place meets Degrassi: the Next Generation.

Mako Mermaids
I've been feeling quite nostalgic lately so I started rewatching my old favorite childhood TV show, an Aussie show called H2O: Just Add Water. Mako Mermaids is a sequel series so I started watching it as well! I prefer the first series but the newest season of this just came out so I'll admit that I binge-watched the heck out of it.


Pop Culture Died in 2009
Is it just me or are celebrities now more perfect than they used to be? Everyone dresses impeccably, there seem to rarely be relationship/friendship problems, and unless you want to read yet another post about what a Kardashian posted on Instagram the gossip blogs are just plain boring. Insert this blog! The owner posts about celebs from 2000-2009, usually along the lines of "10 years ago this happened" or "the outfits from the 2006 Met Gala". Occasionally there are also updates on popular celebrities from that era who are no longer popular, which is interesting to see, too. I've been checking this blog almost daily, it's so interesting to see how much fashion and pop culture has changed!

Kendall Rae
Lately I've been very into a few different kinds of videos, in particular conspiracy videos and videos about social justice issues. On Kendall's channel, she talks about these sorts of things sometimes along with beauty and fashion posts so there's a great mix! I find her stance on a lot of issues to be really informative , even if I don't agree with everything. I'm also quite a skeptic but there's something about conspiracy theories that intrigue me!

Lastly, I've been going to the gym...shocking, I know. I'm quite unathletic but my friend got a membership and convinced me to go along with her, and now I've been having a lot of fun with it. I don't have any exact fitness goals but I like pushing myself to do a little more each day and it's cool to see how my strength has changed in such a short time. I hope I continue to go next month!

What have you been loving in May?
Xx Katie
29 comments on "May Favorites"
  1. Lovely post! I am reading the sequel to girl online now and it is quite good! I have heard so many people rave on about that make up revolution palette so I will have to try it out! X


  2. Great faves! The LA Complex? Wow, I watched both seasons a few years ago when it first came out. I need to go to the gym, I seriously need to tone up this body of mine...haha

    Face to Curls |

    1. I watched the first but for some reason thought it got canceled, I never knew there was a second one! So glad I found it again!

  3. That looks like a beautiful palette! I am contemplating on signing up for Crunch Fitness with my fiance because it's only $10/month, when I'd rather join 24 Hour for the indoor pool but it's much more expensive...honestly, I'm happy doing barre DVD's at home but we both want to use the wedding for motivation and to just overhaul our lifestyle.


    1. I wish my gym had an indoor pool! I used to swim competitively, it's such a great all around workout for cardio and strength building x

  4. Milani blushes are so loved by almost everyone, I really need to try them. Great favorites!


    Tamara -

  5. I'm dying to try the Bare Minerals concealer - I keep hearing amazing things about it and quite fancy trying something new :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. Nice products! The colors in the eye shadow palette *heart eyes*

  7. The BareMinerals concealer sounds amazing, always looking for a great concealer. How gorgeous is that Milani blush also x

    Beauty with charm

  8. Where did you get that palette? I hear it's amazing. I need some Milani blushes!

    1. I ordered mine online from an Ebay seller (it was cheaper than ordering it from the UK) but it's also available at Ulta now! :)

  9. There's a lot of great recommendations here, thanks for all the tips!

  10. That eye shadow palette and that milani blush looks amazing! x

  11. Looks amazing babe! x

  12. the Makeup Revolution palette is so pretty!

  13. I used to be obsessed with H20: Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids! H20 just tops it though. I've heard so much about Milani, especially their blushers, I HAVE to try them.

    Mind checking out and commenting on my recent?

    Alice xo

  14. That shadow palette looks AMAZING! Look at those beautiful colors! xx Adaleta Avdic

  15. Bare minerals concealer sounds great, anything that covers blemishes are my bestie ha ha :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  16. I love the look of the Makeup Revolution Brave palette! It's so affordable too :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  17. Will def check out the pop culture blog! Great post, I think I might do a May favourites myself! Xx
    check my recent?

  18. That Makeup Revolution Brave palette has so many wonderful shades!! I love the affordability of it too. That Milani blush is so pretty too. I really want to try one xx

    Lauren |

  19. Ah Katie I've been going to the gym a fair bit too! Good on you. Xx

    ♥ Carly Susanne - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  20. great post <3 I have shared :)


  21. Lovely post dear! Thanks for sharing .x

    Gucci Blog Post:

  22. The Milani Blush is gorgeous! I can't believe I haven't tried Milani products before. I will definitely have to try and find that blush. It's great to know that they are a cruelty-free brand as well, as I recently went cruelty-free with my beauty collection and have felt very restricted to high end brands! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  23. Girl Online is amazing, I loved reading it and you should definitely pick up the sequel, it's just as good! Zoe's working on Girl Online 3 now!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I didn't know there was going to be a third! I'll have to order the second one asap, thanks for the info! x

  24. The blusher looks beautiful! And I love makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes but I've never seen this one before, definitely going to have to give it a try :)

    And I loved Girl online aswell, and I am currently reading the second one :)

    Megan xx |


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