December 19, 2016

Anastasia Master Palette Dupe?

My absolute favorite palette of 2016 is the Anastasia x Mario Dedivanovic Master Palette. The quality is faultless. The colors are warm neutrals with a few splashes of color--just the kind that I like. The pigmentation and staying power are amazing, too. I could go on about it all day but thankfully I already reviewed it here.

I also recently reviewed the Sephora Vintage Filter palette here, and many people commented saying how it reminded them of the Master Palette. I looked a little bit closer and yes, there were a lot of similar shades between the two palettes. With a bit of swatching I've paired up the shades that I think come the closest to each other, although in each palette there are a few shadows that don't have a corresponding shade in the other.

Anastasia Hollywood, Anastasia 5th Ave, Sephora Memory Lane

First up are some of these beautiful golden tones in the Anastasia palette. Hollywood is a lighter gold, which I use as a highlight, and 5th Ave is darker and more intense, something that I would use on the lid. The closest shade in the Vintage Filter palette to match is Memory Lane, a lighter and more neutral gold.

 From left to right: Anastasia Bronx, Sephora Throwback, Anastasia Marina, Sephora #itsvintage, Anastasia Paris, Sephora Cookie Crunch, Anastasia Claudia and Sephora Antiqued.

Next up are the olive green shades, Bronx from Anastasia and Throwback from Sephora. Bronx is more pigmented and metallic, but I think if you were to build up Throwback it would be even closer in color. Marina, a beautiful rose gold shade, and #itsvintage are super similar as well, with #itsvintage being slightly darker in color and less metallic.

Some of the shades look the same in the pan, but once applied or swatched they are revealed to be very different. Paris and Cookie Crunch both look like shimmery chocolate browns, but Cookie Crunch is much lighter when applied, so much so that the two shades aren't comparable at all. Same with Claudia and Antiqued, which both look like a rich navy with a satin finish. Claudia swatches the same way it look in the pan (the pigment is so intense!) but Antiqued takes on a more subtle, almost purple/brown finish.

From left to right: Anastasia Muse, Sephora Rust-ic, Anastasia NYC, Anastasia Lula and Sephora Coffee Break

I didn't think there were any more potential dupes between the two palettes, but I swatched Sephora's Rust-ic between Anastasia's Muse and NYC and Rust-ic is like a blend of the two shades in my opinion and one of the closest dupes in the palettes. Then on a whim I compared Coffee Break to Lula, and also got a close match, though in the pan they don't look very similar.

Overall I think the Sephora palette has an okay dupe for Hollywood, NYC/Muse, Marina, Lula, and Bronx. That leaves six shades without a good comparison, including two of the matte shades that are so important to the Master palette. Color wise, the two palettes definitely have a similar vibe and some close shades. However, the quality I will absolutely give to Anastasia. Sephora makes some good eyeshadows that blend nicely, but Anastasia's are so much more pigmented and just stunning on the eyes. They last longer and will show up better on all skin tones, with or without a primer.

Therefore if you have a choice between the Master Palette and the Vintage Filter, I'd go for the Anastasia! However, both of these are limited edition so if you are unable to get the Master Palette before it's out of stock (it's currently out of stock online at both Sephora and Ulta), the Sephora palette may be an option to look into.

What do you think about this possible dupe?

Xx Katie
7 comments on "Anastasia Master Palette Dupe? "
  1. The sephora palette might be an option ! the color selection is really beautiful and versatile. Love that you have found a close dupe !

  2. I definitely will look into the Sephora one since my budget is pretty low right now but love the look of all these swatches!
    Kathy x

  3. The Sephora one actually looks so good! Great post:)

  4. these palettes look so good.

  5. I would definitely go for the Anastasia palette, even though it is pretty expensive in my country <3


  6. Wow! I haven't heard of this dupe before! I think the Sephora one sounds like a good option for someone who doesn't have the budget for the ABH one :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  7. We really need a Sephora in the UK! Both of these palettes are gorgeous, the Sephora one is definitely a good option! x


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