January 13, 2017

Favorite Beauty Vloggers

Honestly, where would my makeup skills be without YouTube? While it's easy to criticize the YouTube beauty community (and they do deserve some criticism now and then!) there are a few gurus who have taught me invaluable tricks, recommended great products, and are just so much fun to watch. Whether they have a lot of makeup knowledge, have a similar skin situation to me, or always recommend the best products these are my favorite vloggers to watch!

1. Tati (GlamLifeGuru)
Tati is my absolute favorite beauty vlogger. I first discovered her channel with one of her Wednesday WTF videos, where she reviews a crazy-expensive product such as a mask made of gold, a $75 eyeliner, or a $150 luxury primer. These are still some of my favorite videos from her, but she also does drugstore reviews, regular hauls, and reviews unique makeup items I've never heard of before. She always discloses when she buys or is sent a product and she doesn't talk up a certain brand just because she's sent the makeup for free. It seems as if she's tried every product in the universe so when Tati recommends something, I know it's good, and I've loved everything that I've purchased at her recommendation! Best of all she uploads five times a week, every weekday, so there's always new content to look forward to. I love to watch her daily video while I'm getting ready for work or school!

2. Wayne Goss
Wayne is a British makeup artist and he posts amazing, often short and to-the-point videos of makeup tricks and reviews. I've learned a lot of concealer and eyeshadow techniques from him that have greatly helped my makeup game. His looks are often focused on natural beauty, which is what I prefer, and I like that he doesn't spend fifteen minutes reviewing a mascara or lipstick like a lot of gurus seem to do.

3. Kathleen Lights
I just recently started watching Kathleen after loving a lot of her collabs with Colourpop, and I'm really glad I did! She is such a sweet girl who creates the most beautiful eyeshadow looks that inspire me to do similar things with my own makeup style. I've only been subscribed to her for a few weeks and she's uploaded hauls, tutorials, favorites videos, first impressions...all the beauty videos that I love! Despite having a large following she also seems down to Earth.

4. Fleur de Force
Another British vlogger, Fleur is a more serious beauty guru who has been uploading videos for years. Fleur has a more natural style and has similar taste in makeup to myself, which is what I look for in recommendations. I've also noticed that we wear similar shades in foundations so when she recommends a face product I'm able to buy the same shade online without having to guess at a shade match! Fleur just announced a lipstick collaboration with MAC and I'm so excited, I bet I will love the shade.

5. ReadySetGlamour
I feel strange about mentioning Michelle from ReadySetGlamour as she's announced that she's on a YouTube break and may not return, but I loved her videos so much that I had to mention her. She's the smallest channel on this list but she has the most amazing tutorials and personality! I sincerely hope she decides to return to YouTube because her videos were some of my favorites and I always looked forward to them.

Honorable mention: Zoella
Zoe isn't exactly a beauty guru considering she uploads more lifestyle/entertainment videos now, but when I first started watching YouTube her channel was what originally got me into beauty videos and blogging. I actually like to go and watch Zoe's old videos where her channel was more makeup-based, and a lot of my favorite products came from her old recommendations. I also love her style and I want to check out her Zoella beauty range!

Who are some of your favorite beauty gurus? Do you generally like the YouTube beauty community?

Xx Katie

17 comments on "Favorite Beauty Vloggers"
  1. I love fleur de force. I've been watching her for years!





  2. i love Wayne Goss. he is so unique and his videos are so short and informative.
    i adore Lisa Eldrige too! she is my absolute favorite one to watch !

  3. Tati is my favourite too! I remember spending endless hours watching her old Madness Monday videos where she went to different stores and found great deals and shared them with us! She is the best! x


  4. Kathleen, Tati and Nicole Guerriero are the best beauty gurus on YouTube scene for me. I always enjoyed their videos.

    Michelle Morchella

  5. Right now, my faves are definitely heyclaire and clothesencounters! Love those girls :)


  6. I love Casey Holmes so much. She's so down to earth and does great, honest reviews!


    1. It looks like she has just the type of videos that I like, I just subscribed! Thanks for the recommendation x

  7. Fleur de Force used to be one of my favs so thank you for reminding me about her! :)


  8. I've not come across some of these before but I'll be sure to check them out!

    Lauren x http://www.huggled.co.uk/

  9. I really love Fleur de Force! I would say she is my favorite. I enjoy Zoella as well, but a good bit of her newer stuff just doesn't hold my interest.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

    1. Same, I prefer going back and watching her older videos.

  10. Kathleen lights is one of my favourites too!

  11. I absolutely love Fleur de Force.
    I really love her style, makeup and fashion wise. I think the makeup she tends to wear is more subtle and easy to wear. While the youtubers do absolutely amazing makeup tutorials, I find them too over the top to wear on a daily basis. Great post!

    P.S. Cant wait for Fleur´s colab with Mac to come out!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

  12. I love watching KathleenLights and Tati! They are two YouTubers whose reviews I truly 100% trust. I also love watching Desi Perkins and Lustrelux (Katy); they're so funny and I love their dynamic together. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing!!

    - katrina || Yours Truly, Katrina

  13. I do follow lots of beauty vloggers but I have to admit I haven't heard about these. I'm not into Zoella at all but I do like Wayne. The best thing about his videos is that they're short while still giving all the info you need. :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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