January 5, 2017

Liquid Lipstick Collection

In general, I'm not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. They are often to dry for my already-dehydrated lips and I prefer the option of being able to easily remove a lip product throughout the day.

I do have a small collection, and some shades/formulas that I really like so I thought I would share them all and continue my collection series! You can check out my blush and highlighter collections, which I've already swatched and written mini-reviews for.

Stila Stay All Day in Venezia
This is the first liquid lipstick I ever purchased, back when I thought I would enjoy a matte liquid lip. The color is a very bright coral and was released as a part of the summer collection. I don't think it's flattering on me unless I have a major tan, the shade makes my teeth look yellow so I don't wear it much. The formula does last very well throughout the day but it's more drying than I would like.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Magic Wand and Calypso
Out of all the ones I've tried, I must say this is my favorite formula. It is both comfortable and affordable! I'd love to get more the next time I place a Colourpop order. These don't dry completely matte but they last well with light eating and drinking. They also apply with just one coat, unlike some other comfortable liquid lipsticks. I have Magic Wand, a pinky beige nude, and Calypso, a darker mauve nude. For $5 these are an incredible find.

Tattoo Junkie Lip Paint in Pucker Up
This is a drugstore liquid lipstick which I haven't fully put to the test yet. I wore it as a part of my Christmas Day makeup look with red glitter on top of it. I haven't tried it without the glitter, but I've heard great things. With the glitter, it felt drying but it applies completely opaque and the color didn't transfer after it dried. Pucker Up is a bright red with orange undertones.

Ciate Liquid Velvet in Pin Up
I got this in an Ipsy bag and haven't worn it yet, although the color is a gorgeous mauve. It is very pigmented but since I haven't tested it I can't give it any other pros or cons.

Swatches from left to right (photographed immediately after applied): Venezia, Magic Wand, Calypso, Pucker Up, Pink Up, K Bye, Red Chili, Cherry Skies, Namaste

Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye
Another Ipsy find, I've worn this pink/brown nude quite a few times! It's a darker nude than I usually go for but I loved it in Autumn. The formula is very similar to the Ultra Satin Lips but it's a tad thicker and it dries to more of a cream finish than a matte one. It's lasted around 5-6 hours on me depending on what I'm eating.

Nyx Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies
This gorgeous dark red is perfect for Autumn! It's very pigmented and not too drying because it never completely dries down. It is prone to transferring so I like to top it up every few hours, especially because it's such a dark color. I don't really like the strong chemical smell it has, either. Overall this is not my favorite formula but I prefer it to the Soft Matte Lip Creams, which were streaky as hell.

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Namaste
Another of my favorites! Namaste is a pale pinky beige nude, absolutely gorgeous on pale skin tones. This is a thicker, creamier formula that is very comfortable to wear. I've found that it can settle into the lip lines but it lasts well considering it doesn't dry down completely matte. I really need to wear this more often! I've always meant to pick up more of these. #TBT appealed to me when they first launched.

Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae in Red Chili
I got this sample in an Ipsy bag and I haven't worn it yet. Red Chili is a true-red with blue undertones, so it would be flattering on all skin tones. A thin layer will dry completely matte (based on my swatches) but it can transfer if applied thicker. Luckily a thin layer is all you need, it's so pigmented!

Swatches from left to right (after drying for 15 minutes): Venezia, Magic Wand, Calypso, Pucker Up, Pin Up, K Bye, Red Chili, Cherry Skies, Namaste

To show how likely these are to transfer, I let the swatches dry for about 15 minutes and then lightly pressed a paper towel onto the swatches. The Trust Fund Beauty smudged the most, then the Tarte and Nyx. In the areas where the Ultra Satin Lips had applied thickly they transferred, and the others didn't seem to budge!

Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks? Are there any that you would recommend?

Xx Katie

17 comments on "Liquid Lipstick Collection"
  1. You have a wonderful collection! A lot of the shades you have are right up my alley, haha. Thanks for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Your collection is gorgeous!

    xo, Liz

  3. I am not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks either as I hate when they get super dry on my lips, but I would love to try the Colourpop liquid lipsticks, I read plenty of positive reviews and I think I will like them. You have a really nice collection here Katie, my favorite shade is Namaste by Tarte, such a gorgeous pink!


    1. It's so beautiful I wish I had it in a regular lipstick form!

  4. Namaste by Tarte is soooo gorgeous. Definitely going to look for that the next time I'm at a beauty store. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Sara | www.saraspoke.com

  5. Cherry Skies is a gorgeous colour!
    Kathy x

  6. I have the Tarteist lip paint in TBT, but it isn't my most favorite formula because it wears off easily. It is very comfortable though! My favorite liquid lipsticks are Anastasia Beverly Hills and now Wet n Wild's new catsuit liquid lipsticks.


    1. I really want to try the catsuit ones, I hope I can find them in store soon!

  7. I regret trading off Ciate Pin Up! I thought it would be too nude for me but it's gorgeous!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. I'm not a fan of liquid lipstick, I've never met one I liked. I'm interested in trying Tarte's though.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  9. I have Cherry Skies, too, and I like it! It wears comfortably on the lips.
    I just purchased the Stila one and I am in love - it is so comfy and not drying at all! For me, at least :)

  10. I really want to try the stila liquid lipsticks! i'm a bit like you though, I don't wear them a lot as they can be so drying!


  11. Oh my, I love Calypso and K Bye! Lately, I have been getting into these darker nudes that pull more brown than pink. Whenever I try Colourpop shades, it's always a hit or miss whether the shade will work with my skin tone. I think Calypso would be the perfect shade for me! Thanks, girl! xx

    Jordyn Pamela | Lovely Little Roses

  12. I love a good liquid lipstick (even though they make me want to rip my lips off) and there's so many I'm still yet to try! I really want to try the Stila ones, I've heard such fab things x

    Always, Alice – Huge New Year Giveaway!

  13. I just came to see what you thought of NYX Suede. I have two and I hate them both. I thought I was getting a dark purple one (at least it looked like that when I tried it on in the store) and it turned out to be blue! then I got what was supposed to be a dark red but it's actually dark purple which disappeared after about 1 hour >.<

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. I like the color of mine, I looked up swatches before I bought it, but the formula isn't my favorite! They don't have a lot of wearable shades in my opinion


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