December 13, 2017

Final Ipsy Bag Review

Yes, folks. This is it. I've decided that this will be my final Ipsy bag for the time being. There are a few reasons why which I'll get into at the end of this post.

The bag this month is nice and festive, a metallic silver with  a strip of glitter and a pale blue zipper. I wasn't completely thrilled with the products that I got this month which played a role in why I decided to cancel my subscription. Let's get into the five products I got this month...

City Color Cosmetics shimmer eyeshadow in It's a Girl worth $3.99
I've gotten one of these eyeshadows before in a different shade, and though it's a nice formula I never reach for it. This color is a pretty cranberry with pink shimmers. The shadow is absolutely huge so if you were to use it everyday it would take years to finish! The formula is smooth and creamy. I should reach for these shadows more often because they are nice.

Seraphine Botanicals Orange and Cream Lip Polish worth $18.00
I think that this is my favorite product from this bag because it smells like a creamsicle! I don't have any lip exfoliators in pot form so I'm excited to use this. You don't get a lot of product, but I'm hoping that a little goes a long way.

Nyx Faux Black eyeliner in Onyx worth $7.99
This was a confusing product at first because I expected the color Onyx to be black, but it's actually a very dark green. I don't know how often I will wear this, but the liner feels good quality and I do wear green tones on my eyes sometimes. It's a very soft, creamy liner (in fact it broke halfway through my swatch) but my only gripe with it is that it needs to be sharpened!

Luxie 239 Precision Shader brush--Rose Gold version worth $14.00
I've gotten a few Luxie brushes in past Ipsy bags and loved them--the Precision Foundation brush is great for contouring, and the 514 Blush brush is my go-to for bronzer--so I was happy to get this one in the bag! It's a little bit fluffier than a usual flat shader brush, which I think will make it easier to use and better for blending two colors together. The handle is matte black which is unusual for Luxie, it seems like they usually go for more pastel tones.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL 6 mL sample worth $14.00
My mom had recently been having some trouble with her mascara flaking, so I gave this one to her. The brush looks like a basic spiral shape. I hope that she likes it! I have a lot of mascara samples to get through so I won't miss this one.

Cost of the bag: $10
Estimated value of the bag: $57.98

From left to right: It's a Girl, Onyx

So as I said, this will be my last Ipsy bag for at least a few months. I'm still pleased with the overall value and products in the bags, but none of them have really impressed me. When I first started getting Ipsy I was especially happy to be trying lots of new brands, but now the brands seem to be repeating and it isn't as fun. In this bag, for example, I've gotten every single one of these brands in the past.

Another big factor is the overwhelming number of samples that I have. I love mascara and eyeliner samples, but the blush, bronzer, highlighter, and primer samples are becoming too much. I will never use that many but I hate wasting products so I keep them in my collection anyway.

So for now I've canceled my subscription. I may restart it in a few months depending on whether or not I miss it, but for at least the first half of the year I really want to focus on using up products, especially all of the samples that I have. The extra $10 a month can go towards products that I truly want!

Let me know how you feel about subscription services,

Xx Katie
7 comments on "Final Ipsy Bag Review"
  1. I feel like I'm the same way when it comes to subscription bags. They're good values and a nice way to try new brands... but after a while they get redundant. And it's easy to get overwhelmed with samples! I canceled my Sephora play subscription in March or April and I still have so many samples I haven't even touched yet lol

    Mili | sharmtoaster

  2. It's the same for me, I cancelled back in October, it was becoming too repetitive and boring. The samples are getting smaller too. Now I'm with BoxyCharm and Look Fantastic and I couldn't be happier!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. I'm considering Boxycharm as well! Lots of people seem to love it :)

  3. i feel the same about subscription boxes and brands. I am not a huge make up user and like you said the products end up going to waste.

  4. Yeah I've canceled and resubscribed to ipsy at least 4 times. This month is my last month of doing Boxycharm too, I was tired of getting palettes in shades I don't love when I have a whole bunch of other palettes. I want to get a green beauty box like goodbeing or Petit Vour and try their skincare samples though.

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