January 10, 2018

First Antihaul of 2018 (and a Mini Wishlist!)

It's now 2018 and I've decided that I am buying no bullshit this year. My money is going towards well-reviewed products that I'm actually going to use and love, not just things that are hyped for five minutes and then will be put in the back of my mind. I spend a lot of time checking out new releases in the makeup world and there are so many that I'm not interested in (and some that draw me in!), but for this list I wanted to mention the products that I either don't recommend anyone buy, or ones that tempt me but I'm not adding to my wishlist for a practical reason.

Now let's roast some products! I've linked my source for each photo below it if you're wondering where to give credit.


Morphe 25D Palette
Most Morphe palettes are 50 shades of brown, but they took it to the next level with this one. Not even a pop of color. I would almost be impressed if I weren't so bored by this. Of course, if you're a beginner this might be a good palette for you, but if you have even a few neutral palettes I think you can do without this, too. Other popular Morphe palettes have this range of shades so I would recommend checking out a different one if you are interested in having a wide range of neutrals!


Violet Voss Taupe Notch palette
Everything that I said about the Morphe 25D can be repeated here. I really like cool-toned shades but not when they are all brown. Most of this palette isn't even cool-toned though? Why was this even made? 


Fenty Beauty Foundation
While I love Rihanna and the impressive shade range of this foundation line, everything that I've heard about this foundation sounds wrong for my personal tastes. I don't like matte finishes and I definitely don't need oil control with my dry skin! I hope they come out with a more dewy foundation so I can support that, instead.


Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette Vol. 1 and Vol 2.
I think that these palettes actually look and sound really nice, but the truth is I don't often reach for multi-use palettes like this. It will either go in a drawer with my eyeshadow palettes or my face palettes, where the other portion of the palette will then go to waste. These are also very neutral, which I'm trying not to buy as often this year.


Kylie Cosmetics Brushes
While I, along with 99.9% of the rest of the world, think that these brushes (and especially the brush set) are overpriced, there are other reasons that I'm not purchasing this set. For one, I think the silver handle looks cheap and it doesn't contrast well with the rough, natural-hair bristles. Second, if I spend this much money on brushes I would go for Wayne Goss or Hakuhodo or another reputable brand with great reviews. And lastly, Kylie stressed that these are natural hair brushes yet she's offered no information on where or from what the hair comes from. She claims to be a cruelty-free brand, so I expect more information before I would buy a brush made of animal hair that may have come from a non-cruelty free source.


Too Faced Glow Job
Glitter doesn't add anything to skincare, so I don't see the benefits of a mask that is full of glitter. Also, that name gives me the creeps. Hard pass.


Kat von D Metal Crush Highlighter palette
I love Kat von D and her products, but I know myself and I will never wear a colored highlighter. If I for whatever reason decide to, I have a bunch of colored eyeshadows I can reach for. I'm surprised that Kat von D waited so long to release this palette because I feel like colored highlighters are overflowing the makeup market at the moment, and usually this brand is the first to release hyped items, not one of the last.

I want to end this overall negative post with a few new items I'm actually interested in getting, so here are some of the newer releases on my wishlist!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzers
I didn't end up buying any of the ABH blushes, so I definitely want to get my hands on the bronzers! I don't have many full-size bronzers so it will be a welcome addition to my collection, and Anastasia is a brand that I trust to do the formula right. Norvina from ABH has posted about these on her Instagram stories, but as of yet there are no official photos of the shades.


Jouer Blush Duos
To be honest, I don't need any more blushes, but these are so stinking pretty! I don't know which one I want to get yet, I'm torn between the Flirt duo and the Coquette duo.


Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks
This line has got me wanting to try wearing bright blue and bright purple lipstick. That periwinkle shade...just take my money.


Nabla Dreamy palette
This palette does indeed look dreamy. It's just the right level between neutral and colorful for me, and I love purple shades on my brown eyes! The packaging is stunning, too. I can't wait for this baby to come back in stock.

Are you interested in any of these products? Are there any others you want to antihaul?

Xx Katie
16 comments on "First Antihaul of 2018 (and a Mini Wishlist!) "
  1. All beautiful color palettes, in good taste.

  2. 100% agree about the Kylie Brushes, so overpriced for what you get!

  3. I love anti hauls, as they're a great way to find out about new releases. I totally agree about the first Morphe palette, it looks like the same shade of brown, which makes no sense at all. I'm not a fan of coloured highlighters either, so the Kat Von D one will definitely be getting a miss. Great post, love how you've included some you will be getting too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. I just can't believe that Morphe created a palette with only dull brown shades, I mean how many shades of brown a person needs??It's crazy. I decided to splurge only on products I need and read amazing reviewsfor 2018, let's see how it goes!!


  5. I'm really trying to be intentional with the products I purchase this year. The 24D doesn't excite me but the 24G is on my wishlist. The Clay Play 2 seems nice but the fact that they took the same packaging, names and all and released a second version seems so lazy. Great post!

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  6. I've never tried a Morphe products, so I'm hoping to this year. Awesome wishlist!

  7. That first palette, I mean I'm a huge fan of neutrals + browns but really? who needs that many shades of brown? This post definitely gives me a good idea of where to invest my money in good makeup, because I too, am not playing around with my money when it comes to makeup this year!




  8. For me those morphe palettes personally do appeal to me as well as that violet voss eye shadow palette. I'm also keen to get that tarte palette but only during a sale not full price. Nothing from fenty beauty ever appeals to me since they launched the brand and the same goes for Kylie cosmetics - I think the brand is just too overpriced


    1. To each their own! I agree about Kylie cosmetics, though I would like to support Fenty when they release products that would work better for me.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have to agree about the Too Faced Glow Job mask! Definitely don't want do deal with chunks of glitter all over my face (or the remnants that will undoubtedly be left behind!).

  11. Giiiiiiirrlll, I hear you! When I saw Morphe's 25D I was like "so.. all brown, then?" I also can't deal with Kylie's brush set. Putting the ridiculous price aside, the brushes and the case they come in just look cheap. I personally prefer synthetic anyways. No thank you! I will say, though, that the Dreamy palette *sighs* is life. I'd definitely like to get my hands on it - so pretty! xx

    Christie's Take on Life

  12. Yeah the Kylie brushes are really not great at all! Will definitely not be buying either!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  13. the palette is beautiful and I would really like to try the fenty beauty products
    The Glossychic

  14. I think the beauty brands are bonkers these days, glitter masks?! Like seriously? I want my skincare to work and not pay for a gimmick in a pot.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  15. I also decided that I am buying no bullshit this year! This too faced glitter mask is a disaster !



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