May 22, 2017

Antihaul #2: What I'm Not Gonna Buy!

I seriously need to save some money, so to get myself in the not-shopping spirit I've decided to do another antihaul! Inspired by Kimberly Clark, antihauls have really gotten popular over the past few months and I love them even more than regular hauls. Sometimes makeup companies come out with products that I have no interest in whatsoever and I enjoy sh!t-talking them sometimes. Obviously this doesn't mean I hate the whole brand, or would never buy anything from them, but these products in particular are not for me. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glowkit
Where would I ever wear a colored highlighter? Music festivals aren't my thing and the only places I go to are school, work, the store, the beach, and the movie theater. I certainly don't need an entire palette of colorful highlighters. If for some reason I did want a lavender or blue shade on my cheekbones, I would just use a shimmery eyeshadow. 

Becca x Chrissy Tiegan face palette
I love both Becca products and Chrissy Tiegen, but the highlighters in this palette look too dark for my skin tone and I already have similar blush shades in my Becca x Jaclyn Hill face palette. I'm sure the quality is amazing if you don't already have something like it! 

Huda Beauty false lashes
I should just change this to false lashes in general. I kindly received a pair of beautiful ones from a brand several months ago and I hated wearing and applying them, no matter how nice they look. I know that these are a popular brand but I have no interest in them. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
I don't have much of a problem getting my makeup to last, maybe because I have dry skin. Therefore I have no need for this setting spray. Sometimes I'll use a setting spray to take away the powdery appearance of some foundations, but I'm happy with my Milani one and don't need to go higher-end than that! 

Smashbox Covershot Eyeshadow palettes
I don't care how good, smooth, or pigmented these are, there is no way I'm paying almost $30 for a palette that is barely larger than a credit card. For ten dollars more I could get a full sized one from a lot of great brands. 

Kat Von D Lock it Foundation
I've heard this compared to the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, which I'm not a fan of. It is described as having high pigmentation and a matte finish, which is a combo that tends to accentuate my dry patches. I'd rather not waste the money and put it towards a glowy foundation instead! However, if you have oily skin this may be a better pick for you. 

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lipstick
I must admit that this shade-transforming bluish lipstick looks really cool, but it's a similar situation as the Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit: will I wear it? I'll probably try it on in my bedroom, but I would never wear a shade like this out and about. I'm also not into the big unicorn trend that is sweeping the nation at the moment, whether it is a palette, a lipstick, or a Unicorn Frappucino. 

Image credit to the wonderful Sharmtoaster! You can check out her first Anti Haul here. 

And that is it for this antihaul! Would you be interested in any of these products?

Xx Katie
11 comments on "Antihaul #2: What I'm Not Gonna Buy! "
  1. Totally agree with you on some of these! I won't be buying the abh glow kit either for the same reasons, as I just won't get the wear out of the colours xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I agree with pretty much all of your picks. I have been a little interested in trying the lock it foundation, but I don't like spending that much and not really liking it.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  3. I'm soooo with you on the Becca palette!! Every time I see it swatched on paler skin I think it doesn't suit it! I'll stick with the Jaclyn Hill palette - works well for me.

    She Likes to Shop

  4. I totally agree with many of these with you, especially the UD setting spray. I love my MAC fix+ and I'm. It gonna trade it for something else.

    Michelle Morchella

  5. This is so funny!!! I have to admit that Im really curious about the Chrissy palette!


    Novelstyle Blog

  6. I try saying that to myself all of the time, I mostly stick to my word but sometimes I cave in.
    Makeup is definitely my weakness

    Vanessa x |

  7. I have to agree with the Anastasia glow kit, at first I was interested in the first two palettes and also in the Moonchild one because it was a new concept for me, seemed interesting, edgy and something cool for experimenting, but now they have so many of them it's overwhelming and puts me off!

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

  8. Your so right, these are some great items and you made lovely points :)

  9. I'm not interested in any of these products either! I did have the Kat von d lock it foundation and hated it on my oily skin where it also accentuated dry patches and fine lines and im so glad I sold it!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  10. Great post! :)

  11. I've been seeing a few people do these anti-hauls and I think they're such a clever idea and a twist on the usual ol' hauls we always see! I don't think I'd pick up any of these products either.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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