October 1, 2017

The Sunshine Blogger Award

A big thanks to the lovely Hannah from Floraful for tagging me in this award! I've been reading her blog for more than a year now and she's definitely one of my faves. You can check out her post here, where she answered a similar set of questions.

The rules of this tag are to thank the person who nominated you, answer the questions they tagged you to do, and nominate more people for the award!

1. What type of camera do you use for your blog photos?

Just my iPhone! I would like to get a nice camera but truthfully, I'm not at all experienced with them. I don't even understand how to get photos from a camera to your laptop.

2. What is your favorite fall beverage?

Hot chocolate, though I have yet to try anything pumpkin spice flavored so maybe this question will change now that I have a Starbucks in my town.

3. Which beauty products can you absolutely not leave the house without on your face?

There aren't any that I need, but I always like to put a bit of concealer under my eyes and on any problem areas. Also, perfume!

4. If you could go back and fix one of your biggest blogging mistakes, what would that be?

Oh gosh...I feel like I made so many mistakes when I was first starting out. None of them were huge, but when added together they were pretty bad. I think my photography was especially lacking.

5. How do you manage blogging on top of your other life obligations?

I've gotten it into a routine with work and school. Tuesdays and Thursdays I only have one class at 1:30, so I wake up and immediately get to blogging. Sundays I don't work anymore so that is when I post on the weekend! I feel like I've been blogging for so long that it's second nature to schedule some "work time" for it. Some secondary blogging tasks, like social media, I usually try to do between classes.

6. White, milk, or dark chocolate? Which do you prefer and why?

I hate white chocolate, it's just not real chocolate in my opinion! I love both milk and dark chocolate and it depends how sweet of a snack I'm craving.

7. What was the last concert you went to?

I went to a Journey concert with my family over the summer! 3,000 people singing Don't Stop Believing at the same time was the highlight of that trip.

8. What are some of your holiday or Christmas traditions?

We usually go to church on Christmas Eve. We aren't a super religious family, but I grew up Lutheran. After church some family friends have an annual Christmas Eve party that we go to, and then in the morning we open presents! The only unusual tradition I think we have is that we have an ornament shaped like a pickle on our tree and my parents hide it from my sister and I, and whoever finds it first gets an extra present! It's a German tradition, according to my aunt.

9. Tarte or Too Faced? Why?

That's a tough one. Both have beautiful packaging but are a little inconsistent to me, and both have products that I love and products I feel meh about...I think I'll go with Too Faced because I have more products from them. Plus, they smell like chocolate!

10. What are your goals and plans for 2018?

I really want to get all A's the next couple of semesters! I want to graduate summa cum laude and I'm so close. I also want to brush up on my Spanish for my trip to Mexico in February. I'd like to get more involved in politics and protesting. I need to decide which graduate school I want to go to, and I need to take the GRE! This question is making me anxious, I have so much to do.

11. What life quote do you live by and why? 

I have an entire journal of quotes from books and song lyrics and they all inspire me, but here are a few of the actually inspiring ones! Most are just beautifully constructed sentences that make me feel inspired to write, not ones to live by.

We accept the love we think we deserve. --Chbosky.
This action will have no echo. --Bardugo
When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway. --Sakavic
Excelsior. --Stiefvater (Latin for onward and upward)

The bloggers that I tag:

Anna from A Sparkle of Grace
Yiota from Pink Daisy Loves
Honey from Royal Lifestyle
Jennifer from Mrs. Q Beauty
Michelle from IndieAna
Carolina from Carolina's Makeup Life 
Anika from Anika May
Shireen from Reflection of Sanity
Amber from Amberatlanta
Kate from It's Kate Rose
Kay from Shoes and Glitter

If you'd like to do this tag, here are the questions I have for you!

1. What's the last book you read? What did you think of it?
2. What's your opinion on Halloween?
3. Who inspired you to start blogging?
4. Do you have a makeup brand that you are loyal to?
5. Are there any brands that you would never buy from?
6. Do you remember any of your resolutions from last year? Did you stick to them?
7. What are you most looking forward to about the fall months?
8. Last movie you saw in theaters?
9. What is your favorite thing about where you live?
10. Do you like Christmas/holiday music?
11. What are your favorite type of blog posts to write about?

Thank you for reading!

Xx Katie

10 comments on "The Sunshine Blogger Award"
  1. Thank you for tagging me Katie! I have a journal full of quotes too, I used to write down everything that inspires me. I have a love/hate relationship with white chocolate, sometimes I love it and sometimes I can't stand it, it's weird haha! x


  2. Great answers! I'm also a huge hot chocolate fan. I'm the only person who loves white chocolate. I even love white hot chocolate.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  3. Oh I'm tagged? :D
    I love posts like this and I love reading your answers, but I was like wtf you don't like white chocolate? ok... :D
    Gonna do mine for Thursday or next Monday :D thank you!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  4. Yesss I have a journal of quotes too!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  5. I think we all made a ton of mistakes early on in our blogging experience hahaha - the important thing is to learn and grow from them! Side note: once you get a camera you'll be surprised how quickly you pick up on it. The only way to really learn when it comes to photography like that is to be hands on!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  6. Thanks for tagging me Katie!
    I'm hoping to have my post up this weekend.

  7. I saw Journey too, last year! Good luck on your academic/career/political goals, I know how driven and smart you are, and thanks for doing this!


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