November 16, 2017

YouTube Videos I Don't Watch Anymore

I don't know about you, but I waste a lot of time on YouTube. Way too much time. It's gotten to the point where I have to set aside an hour or two of my day just to catch up on my subscriptions--and I really don't have time for that!

I was watching pretty much every upload from someone that I enjoyed watching, but I've decided that I need to cut down on my watch time, especially when exams are coming up and all of my papers are due. So therefore, I've created a no-watch list: types of videos I'm not going to watch no matter who uploads them because I genuinely don't enjoy them anymore.

Full face of first impressions
While these videos can be fun to see all the new products coming out, makeup takes more than one use to be proclaimed good. I would much rather wait for a full, honest review after the product has been tried in multiple ways and used at least three or four times. Plus, one bad product can cast a negative light on the rest of them--if you start off with a horrible primer or a foundation that doesn't work for you, the rest of your makeup is not going to be shown properly. They really aren't useful videos, therefore they aren't worth my time!

PR hauls
Why would I watch an unboxing video when I already know about all the new releases from Beauty News? I don't think these videos are helpful because the influencers usually aren't showing more than a few swatches of a product, if they even have time for that.

Really big YouTubers in general
Other than Tati, who I still watch regularly, I'm starting to find that I don't really enjoy watching people with 500,000+ subscribers. I'm not sure why, I just think that your view of makeup becomes skewed if you're receiving all of it for free. For example, it's easy to say that a Natasha Denona palette is worth the money if you never had to spend money on it in the first place and your review of it will make enough revenue to reimburse the palette if you had bought it! I prefer smaller channels like LivLovesHerMakeup or AndThatsJacob who have really interesting, new content and a no-bullshit attitude.

Reviews of YouTuber collaborations/makeup lines
I feel like it would be really difficult to give an honest review of a product that a friend of mine created. That's just natural, honestly I don't think I'd be able to do it myself if one of my friends put a lot of hard work into something. Therefore, if I want an honest review of Manny MUA's latest collab or Laura Lee's makeup line, I'm not going to watch a review from one of their friends. I don't think they should be reviewing it in the first place if they aren't going to be objective about it.

Reviews of Products I Didn't Want In the First Place
I can't tell you how much time I've wasted watching reviews of products that I never wanted in the first place. Seriously, I got to the point where I was watching multiple reviews on the Anastasia Subculture palette and I never wanted it even before it got negative reviews. I also keep watching videos about non-cruelty free makeup, which I won't buy, and I don't know why? I guess I feel like I have to keep up with what is going on in the makeup world, but I don't need to if there's no chance I'm going to buy it.

Let me know if you like these types of videos or if you also don't want to watch them!
10 comments on "YouTube Videos I Don't Watch Anymore"
  1. This is such a good idea! I don't tend to watch PR hauls either, for exactly the same reason as you. I hate it when the fly through it, seeing swatches would be much better xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I always skip Youtube videos with PR hauls, I prefer to wait for a review. I skip pr hauls on snap chats for the same reason xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  3. I find myself spending less and less time on youtube, I used to spend hours watching videos but these days they are all the same to me. Tati is my fave and I used to watch KathleenLights but her content doesn't inspire me anymore.


    1. I used to like watching Kathleen but then she did something I don't agree with so I had to unsub!

  4. I used to spend much more time on youtube before. I don't find myself enjoying a lot of videos anymore! I love watching emilynoel because she is not fake and she is totally honest!

  5. I can relate! Generally, I try to stay away from videos that I know are sponsored. I'm pretty sure that most of reviews will be biased because they got those items for free.

    xx, Richel V. |

  6. great post! I don't watch halloween makeup tutorials.

  7. I don't watch youtube as much as I used to. I love watching the odd tutorial but I prefer reading blogs for more indepth reviews xx

    Velvet Blush

  8. I have been watching YouTube videos for really long time and I have learned a lot from them. But nowadays I am reading more blogs lately. I trust bloggers more than youtubers for reviews and stuff. Loved reading this article.:-)


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