July 17, 2016

July Ipsy Bag: Review and Swatches!

Another month has come and gone and with that comes another surprise five products from Ipsy! This month may be my favorite month yet, I’m really happy with everything I got.

Starting with the makeup bag, the July one is the cutest one so far in my opinion. It’s silver with a chromelike finish that shines different colors in the light. It also has little white, orange and red candy-like designs on the front.

This month I got another eyeshadow, which I’m happy about. A beauty lover can never have too many eyeshadows, and I’ve been wanting to try theBalm’s formula for ages! This is one of their Meet Matt(e) Trimony shadows in the shade (I think) Matt Kumar. It’s sort of a mahogany/burgundy shade which I think will look great in the crease. This is a fairly small sample, only slightly larger than the Urban Decay shadow I got last month, but at least it’s a shade I’ll wear. I also like that it’s included in a sturdy cardboard case with a magnetic close. Most eyeshadow pans are stored in flimsy packaging but this is much better for people without a Z palette. It is a pain to try to get out of the packaging, though, for those of us who do want to put it in a palette!

The next item is a hand cream from Delectable in the scent Lemon & Cream. I absolutely love this scent; it reminds me of either Fruit Loops or lemon cake! This is a fairly good size, too, it barely fits in the bag.

Another item I’m pleased about is the Tréstique mini highlight stick in Maldives Luminescence, a pretty pale pearl shade. I’ve used this a few times and I really like the formula, it reminds me of my favorite cream highlight from Flower. This is a bit small but it’s perfect for highlighting the Cupid’s bow, browbone, and other small parts of the face. With a few swipes it’s great on the cheekbones, too. It blends really nicely and the highlight isn’t too strong or too subtle.

The next product is a lip liner from Ofra and this is the first brand repeat that I’ve gotten from Ipsy (I got an Ofra eyeshadow in my April Glam Bag). The shade, silk, is a pretty cool-toned nude which is just a bit lighter than my natural lip color. This pencil seems a little stiff but I don’t use lip liners so I can’t compare it to any. I probably won’t use this much, but it’s a nice versatile shade. I do really like Ofra as a brand so I hope I see more from them in future Glam Bags.

The final item I received is a makeup brush from Luxie. It’s their 215 small angled brush. I used this only once to apply gel eyeliner and it worked pretty well. I didn’t try a wing as the brush seems a bit thick, but when I get more used to it I’ll give that a go!

                             From left to right: Matt Kumar, Silk, Maldives Luminescence

Overall I’m very happy with the July Ipsy bag. It includes a lot of items I can see myself using regularly and, as with the past months, I think it’s worth the $10 monthly subscription. For me, Ipsy does a good job at taking my survey and reviews into consideration. For example, I’ve said that I love getting eyeshadow and makeup brushes and I’ve gotten those in almost every Glam Bag. I hope they expand Ipsy to include more countries!

What do you think of this months products?

Xx Katie
13 comments on "July Ipsy Bag: Review and Swatches! "
  1. This looks like such a great selection! Would love to try the matte Balm shade!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. Love the shadow from theBalm, my kind of shade and that highlighter looks gorgeous too! x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Great options! That shade is really pretty, it seems like a pretty good option for trying .


  4. I'm glad Ofra is popping up in beauty subscriptions. They make good quality items. I was never into Tréstique when I had Ipsy, but the highlight is gorgeous! Great bag!


    1. I want to try more from them, I love the single eyeshadow that I got a few months ago!

  5. I got ipsy back! A lot of the stuff reminds me of the stuff I got from Boxycharm (such as a Luxie brush, Ofra, and trestique). I'm glad I resubscribed and now I have decent stuff!


    1. Yay I'm glad you got useful items this time around! My experience has been great so far, I think it's really helpful to review the items you get as well x

  6. Maldives Luminescence such a gorgeous color *-* I'm in love!


  7. Great post! This months ipsy bag looks so cute! You got such a great range of products! I love the look of the eyeshadow and the highlighter! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Great selection! Looks like a really lovely bag this month. Maldives Luminescence is very pretty. x

    Face to Curls | http://facetocurls.com

  9. So nice!! Great options! :)

    A thousand kisses,

  10. Ah wow, I've not seen a subscription where you get a bag. its always a box. Love it

    love LC


  11. I also love the bag this month! I like that Ipsy sends you the bag too, so you get a little bit more bang for your buck!



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