February 6, 2017

Elf Haul + Reviews!

A few weeks ago I broke my spending ban to place a long-overdue Elf order--there were a lot of online-only products that I had been wanting to buy for ages! And of course, because it's from Elf I didn't break the bank at all. Almost all of these items were only $3! I've been putting them all to the test and I'd love to share my thoughts with you as well.

Elf Lib Scrub
This might be my favorite item in the haul! It's in a lipstick-style container and it has a lot of rough sugar exfoliating particles. I've been using it everyday. It definitely exfoliates but it isn't rough at all. It smells like vanilla and brown sugar, although there are lots of other flavors to choose from!

Elf Highlighting Brush
I remembered Jessica Braun talking about this brush in one of her videos, and it really does look like the perfect dome shape for highlighting! It distributes product evenly and for an everyday look I really like this. For an extra pigmented highlighter I still prefer a fan brush, but this has become the brush I use for almost all my powder highlighters!

Elf Blush Gems Baked Highlighter
Of course, what's a highlighting brush without a new highlighter? This one has cult status as being a dupe for MAC Soft and Gentle. I already have Soft and Gentle and I love it, so I figured this would be an interesting dupe! At first I was very disappointed with it. It was dry, hard, and had no pigment. Then I used my nails and scratched off the surface layer, which many reviewers recommended doing. Now it has a beautiful sheen and I can totally see how it's a MAC dupe! For those of you who are on a budget or are cruelty free, check this out but be prepared to get rid of the top layer!

Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask
For an Elf product, this was more expensive than I expected it to be! It's $14 and the jar isn't that big. It has very interesting packaging to keep the product from getting exposed to the air. It is in a jar shape but you press down on the top to pump out the product. This mask is a lot of fun to use and it makes my skin feel moisturized! It applies like a clear gel but then quickly starts to foam and bubble up.

Elf Candid Coral Blush
I saw that this was supposedly a dupe for either NARS Orgasm or NARS Deep Throat (I'm thinking Deep Throat, but I can't remember which!) it's more of a peach than a coral in my opinion and it has a bit of shimmer to it. It's a very soft powder blush and I've used it a few times since it arrived. It seems like one of those blushes that it hard to go overboard with because the color is so light, which is exactly what I look for! In fact I think this would make a better blush topper for most people, or even a highlighter for deeper skin tones.

Blush Gems, Candidly Coral 

Elf Mist and Fix
I've never used a makeup setting spray but I didn't want to splurge on a high-end one in case I have no need for it. My makeup always lasts a long time on my skin, but I've heard that setting sprays can take away the powdery appearance of foundation and help foil some eyeshadows. This setting spray does seem to do that! My only issue with it is that the sprayer isn't very fine, so if you spray it directly to your face it's not very comfortable. I think I will try out the new Milani setting spray, which I've heard good things about.

So overall I'm very happy with my purchases! I think it could have waited for when I wasn't on a spending ban, but because everything is so affordable I don't really regret it.

What have you purchased recently?

Xx Katie
12 comments on "Elf Haul + Reviews!"
  1. You can't go wrong with Elf <3 The highlighting brush is also one of my favorites from them! I love the tapered shape. I'm super curious about their skincare but am always shocked by how pricey they are. The bubble mask sounds like the ones popular in the K-beauty world :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. This is a great haul and you really can't go wrong with Elf. I haven't bought anything from Elf in a while but a few months ago I did pick up a couple brushes from them. It's not easily accessible in Canada unless I order online. The blush shades are very pretty.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

  3. I love the ELF brushes, they have really good quality for the price. My favorite thing is their blush palette, I love it better than some of my higher end blushes. I just wish they had more shades!


    1. I always look at that in store, I've heard it's really good!

  4. Never tried ELF but I really want to! Especially when so many things are so cheap - if I buy things it will be under your influence though! xx

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  5. I wish I could get my hands on some new products from Elf but it's so difficult to find or order them. I used to purchase them from i-herb that offers international shipping but they now have very few products and certainly not the new releases.


  6. I've been wanting to try some Elf products recently after seeing lots about them online, I'd love to try that highlighter brush and the bubble mask!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  7. I wish we could get ELF here in the UK, I've been wanting to try the lipsticks for such a long time! Have a great week :)

    Trishna xx


    1. I haven't tried any of their lipsticks myself, not many are carried at my local drugstores !

  8. I love a good Elf haul. Candid Coral was one of my favourite blushers for a long time. Their Studio brushes are such good quality. xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

  9. Everything I have tried from Elf I love, definitely might pick up a few things you mentioned. Great post!
    Grace xx


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