February 26, 2017

February Favorites

February is always a fun month for me, considering my mom, my friend and I were all born in February, so there is plenty to celebrate. The snow usually starts melting, too, although it's making a reappearance now that I'm on spring break! 

I haven't been shopping as much, a leftover habit from my spending ban that my bank account is thankful for, but I've got some drugstore goodies that I've been getting a lot of use out of along with some birthday presents I've fallen in love with. 

I've been waiting for these rose gold 10th anniversary lipsticks to come stateside for ages, so I snatched this up as soon as I saw it! The Rimmel Kate Moss formula is one of my favorite drugstore lipsticks and this rose gold packaging is to die for. I like this color a lot, it's a pale pinky nude that is really nice for spring. Also, these actually have a name instead of just a number! I believe there is one other nude option and two red options in this collection if you are interested in checking it out. 

I'd been looking into the Tocca fragrances online, debating on whether to risk ordering one without having a chance to smell it first, when I found this exfoliator set in TJ Maxx the next day! I have a couple of different scrubs already but they are either too rough or too gentle to use on my chest, arms, and neck, so I thought I would give these a try. So far I've only used the Cleopatra scent (grapefruit and cucumber) and I love it! It smells so good and is the perfect texture for exfoliating the body. The other two scents, Giulietta (pink tulip and green apple) and Bianca (green tea and lemon) sound promising as well. 

I was looking for this for ages when it was limited edition, but luckily it is now a part of the permanent collection and it was on offer at Ipsy, so it arrived with my February bag. This is a very soft, pigmented highlighter that isn't glittery and has a beautiful leaf design on it. If Wet n Wild is easily available to you, I definitely recommend these! Precious Petals is the lightest shade and Crown of my Canopy is slightly darker. 

This was on my wish list for ages and I finally decided to buy it as a birthday present to myself. I've been wearing it pretty much every time I go out! The formula is really comfortable for a matte, and Walkyrie is my favorite sort of terra-cotta nude. I'm just really not looking forward to sharpening it! 

A Series of Unfortunate Events
I remember watching the Jim Carey movie adaptation of this popular children's series, so I was excited to see a TV version with Neil Patrick Harris. In general I love Netflix original series and this was no exception! It's very quirky, dark, funny, and interesting. The acting is incredible, too. It follows the three Baudelaire children after they have been orphaned and taken into the care of an actor named Count Olaf, who is trying to steal their fortune. The movie kind of scared me when I was younger (I'm still terrified of leeches) but I absolutely loved this series and I'll probably rewatch it soon! The directing/cinematography is amazing as well, I usually don't appreciate things like that but it's directed to be really pleasing to the eye with a lot of contrast in the foreground/background. If you watch it you'll see what I mean! 

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
I've heard good things about Bardugo's writing so at the beginning of the month I started reading the Grisha Trilogy. It wasn't super interesting to me, but it gave me a necessary introduction to the fantasy universe that her other series, the Six of Crows duology, is set in. Six of Crows is set in a town called Ketterdam (which I think is meant to represent Amsterdam) and follows a group of young gang members as they are enlisted to break a scientist out of prison. Some of the group members are Grisha, which means that they have certain powers over elements, materials, or the human body. The schemes are all really clever, unpredictable, and I liked how this series is darker than most YA novels! 

This month I read an Audrey Hepburn biography and was really inspired by her work with UNICEF, so I decided to place my monthly donation there. This is a New Year's Resolution that I am happy to keep up with! 

Swatches from left to right: Rock n Roll Nude, Precious Petals, Walkyrie

Overall it was a good month and it brings me one step closer to summer vacation and warmer weather! 

What were you obsessed with this month? 
Xx Katie

15 comments on "February Favorites"
  1. That's amazing that you donated money to UNICEF. It's very important to not be selfish and help others. I've been thinking about long distance adoption since I was 16. Now I finally make some money so hopefully I can finally help as well.

    Michelle Morchella

    1. That would be amazing! Definitely something to try out if you can :)

  2. That Wet n Wild highlighting powder looks so pretty! x

    Jordan Alice

  3. The Wet n Wild highlighter looks absolutely stunning, wow! I must track that one down!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. I want to get Precious Petals but it looks a bit similar to TheBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer!

    1. It is, you probably don't need both! I think the Wet n Wild one is a tad more gold

  5. The NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils are stunning and I am obsessed with that shade, it's gorgeous! I've been wanting to try out the new Wet n wild highlighters but sadly we can't get it in the UK so I'll have to wait to my next trip to Switzerland! xx


  6. That highlighter looks amazing!

    xo, Liz

  7. I loved watching A Series of Unfortunate Events!


  8. Great favourites, I love the Nars Matte Velvet Lip pencils and the Wet n Wild highlighters are so gorgeous. I just started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events too (I was obsessed with those books) and I prefer the film over the series. I just think Jim Carey made the perfect Count Olaf, great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. He was definitely scarier from what I remember! haha

  9. Precious petals is beautiful, I'm sure it gives such a nice glow! So many people were born in January, so February was quite slow and relaxing for me :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  10. Ah hope you had a lovely birthday! Walkyrie is such a gorgeous shade, I'm still very tempted by that one! Also really want to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events now, I just loved the books!

    The Makeup Directory

  11. Oh, that highlighter looks beautiful! I am definitely on the hunt for it!



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