September 1, 2016

August Favorites

Unlike most months, August seemed like it lasted forever! Looking at some of my favorites, I barely remember adding them to my notes! As usual I’ve got some pop culture faves and a few new beauty products I’ve fallen in love with.

First of all, let’s talk TV. Along with the rest of the world (that has access to Netflix, anyway), I binge-watched Stranger Things as soon as it was released. It was suspenseful, scary in a refreshing way and so, so well made. I don’t usually like sci-fi stuff but this was incredible. Even if you don’t like the sound of it, I recommend watching the first episode and seeing if you get hooked like I did!

Another show I’ve been liking is called the Real O’Neals and it’s a comedy about a perfect Catholic family that is discovered to be not quite so perfect. It had me laughing out loud even when I’m by myself!

The last show I’ve been loving is a little bit nerdy and it’s an old BBC series called Merlin. Predictably, it’s about King Arthur and the sorcerer Merlin when they were young. I’ve always loved reading about knights and castles and things like that, so this is a great guilty pleasure of mine. It’s lighthearted but still intriguing. Think Doctor Who set in the Game of Thrones realm, but not as dark.
Onto beauty! By far my favorite item is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. I had a bit of a hassle getting this (you can read about it here) but it was well worth it. The shades are all beautiful, blend easily and are good for both everyday and bold looks. Plus, it smells like chocolate.

 Another great scented product is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. Physician’s Formula have the best bronzers and blushes from the drugstore, in my opinion, and this one is even better than the rest. The powder is smooth and never looks muddy on my pale-ish skin. It leaves a nice, natural sheen and it smells like coconut.

The next beauty item was an accidental discovery. My friends and I went into the Dollar Tree to get some snacks and when I checked out their beauty section, the LA Colors liquid eyeliner caught my attention. I figured it was only a dollar so I might as well try it! As it turns out, this is the blackest liquid eyeliner I own. It has a brush-tip applicator that you dip into the little pot and it’s surprisingly easy to get a precise line. What I like to do is use a felt-tip liner to draw out my wing, and then go over it with the LA Colors one to make it really black. This doesn’t smudge throughout the day, either! I’m so impressed.

The last item is one I really didn’t want to like. I ordered the NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Tonkin because the shade looked so pretty online, but when it arrived it was very underwhelming. The tube is hardly thicker than a large pen, and it costs $28! I definitely won’t be purchasing another shade but now that I have it, I really do like Tonkin and I’ve been wearing it a lot. It’s a pretty nude with almost a red tint to it. Not only is it a my-lips-but-better shade, the matte formula looks like it is actually your lips and you aren’t wearing anything at all. It’s one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I own but again, that price! If you can find it on sale be sure to check it out but otherwise stay away lest you fall in love like I have!

                                                 Butter Bronzer, LA Colors eyeliner, Tonkin

For the first time in a long while I have a movie to add to my favorites! My local theater has been shut down for a little over a year now so I don’t go as often as I used to. However, my friends and I went to Canada (I live near the border) and saw Nerve over there. It was a really exciting movie and it had a good message to it that what you do online isn’t harmless.

As for books, one has taken the world by storm and that is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I wasn’t sure if I would like it considered it isn’t a traditional book and it wasn’t written by J.K. Rowling, but I loved it. It wasn’t what I expected so that made it even better. I have to say, I can’t picture it as a play which is how it’s intended. I feel like the magic in it would be far too complicated for the stage, it might be better as a film. Anyway, if you’ve been on the fence about reading it I do recommend it!

And lastly I’ve been inspired by a beauty YouTuber named Jessica Braun to do a massive decluttering of my collection! She’s done a lot of videos lately where she goes through her palettes, foundations, blushes, etc. and usually gets rid of at least a fourth of her products. Being a massive hoarder, my collection also needed a good clean out so I did the same. I might do a post about all the products I got rid of so stay tuned for that and check out Jessica’s channel if you need some inspiration, too!

What have you been loving in August?

Xx Katie
14 comments on "August Favorites"
  1. I've been wanting to try the physicians butter bronzer for ages it sounds so buttery smooth and creamy! I actually managed to get tickets to the HP play next October (bit of a while to wait) so can't read the book but hopefully it is as good as! xx

    1. Oh wow I'm jealous! I'd love to see it live x

  2. Love your August favorites dear ^^ <3 I can't wait to see your Fall posts soon :) x

  3. That liquid liner looks really good considering that it was from the dollar store! The Nars lippie is a pretty shade too :) Lovely picks!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  4. the too faced palette looks beautiful!

  5. This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

  6. I am literally the only person that hasn't finished Stranger Things yet!! I need to watch it <3 Lovely post! I love reading everyones favourites this time of the month!

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  7. Lovely items - all worth a try!

    Ina | The Radiant Cherie

  8. I really need to try the butter bronzer, it looks amazing.
    A New Old Fahioned Girl

  9. That Physician's formula bronzer looks good, i've been eyeing it for a while!

  10. Great post!! :))
    xoxo Antonela

  11. Great post, so informative. Loved it! :)

  12. the too faced chocolate palette looks amaze ! :)

  13. I love reading monthly favorites post. The Nars lippy and LA colors liner looks good.

    Ash |


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