September 14, 2016

Drama TV Series Recommendations

If there’s something I like to talk about more than makeup, it’s TV. I’ve never been a movie person but I easily fall in love with new shows and I will watch just about anything. Most of these are on Netflix if you’re looking for something to binge watch! Otherwise, it is pretty easy to stream these for free and some of these shows are ongoing so once you’ve finished them (thankfully) the story isn’t over!

How to Get Away With Murder

This might be my favorite TV discovery of the year, and that’s saying something. There are two seasons of this murder-mystery series by Shonda Rhimes, who also made Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. HTGAWM is about five law students who are taking the notorious lawyer Annalise Keating’s class Intro to Defense Law, or as Annalise calls it, How to Get Away With Murder. The students get tied up in both a murder they commit and Annalise’s most recent case about a deceased student. The acting in it is brilliant, I love the characters, and it’s hard not to click ‘Next Episode’ with this show! 

Degrassi: The Next Generation
While this is a young adult/teenage drama, I rewatch it over and over again. I've never actually finished the series because I believe there are thirteen seasons and my favorite characters check out around season 9, but I will finish it someday! This drama is arguably the best thing Canada has ever given the world. It revolves around a huge set of teenagers and the troubles that come from growing up. It tackles some big issues like sexuality, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, eating disorders, etc. Some big names got their start on this show, like Drake and Nina Dobrev, and I highly recommend it if you can find it! The first few seasons follow the characters in middle school but my favorite seasons are when they get into high school. 

Breaking Bad
If you haven't tried watching this, what are you waiting for? This well-loved AMC series was wild from start to finish and is one of those rare shows that didn't seem to go down hill from season to season. It's about a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and because of that he's determined to provide for his family after his death. He starts creating and selling meth with one of his former students. Walt, under the fake name Heisenburg, becomes drawn into the drug world and shit. goes. down. 

Gossip Girl
Another teen drama, this one is set in the glamorous world of high-society New York City and follows the lives of several privileged Upper East Siders and a few not-so-privileged ones. Their lives are narrated by the anonymous blogger Gossip Girl, who posts the secrets of some of the most popular students. While this isn't exactly award-winning material, it's scandalous and fun to watch. The fashion and music is iconic, it has it's funny and jaw-dropping moments, and who doesn't love Chuck and Blair?  

Orange is the New Black
This is both a comedy and a drama (if you're looking for some comedy recommendations, I've got you covered!) but it's the dramatic moments that really made me fall in love with this show. It's about a woman named Piper Chapman who is sent to prison for a crime she committed ten years previous to the show's beginning and how she navigates through prison life. OITNB features an amazingly diverse, mostly-female cast and each episode shows the backstory of one of the inmates. Be warned, this is very explicit and very addictive! 

The OC
Another teen drama about rich kids, can you tell I've got a type? This early-2000's favorite is set in Orange County, California and the fashion/music is incredible. Sometimes incredibly bad, but still. The series followed Ryan Atwood, a poor kid who is taken in by his court-appointed lawyer after getting arrested and having his mom kick him out. Ryan has a hard time adjusting to life in the OC but finds a best friend in his new adoptive brother, Seth, and a love interest in his neighbor Marissa. Of course, behind closed doors the residents of the OC have a lot to hide and the show explores that a lot. There are only four seasons but if you like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and other CW-type teen dramas you will love this and it will break your heart! California, here we come. 

The Royals
This is a newer show from E! and I originally started watching it because a lesser-known actress I liked, Alexandra Park, got one of the lead roles as the princess Eleanor. This scripted series follows a fake monarchy of England and all of their scandals after the heir to the throne dies and the younger brother has to take his place. With a scheming uncle, a trashy princess, and a manipulative queen thrown into the mix I think this takes some standard drama ideas and puts them in a really interesting and original setting! The third season is going to premiere in January so there's plenty of time to catch up in the meantime. 

I have a ton more drama recommendations as it's one of my favorite TV genres! Did you find any new shows you might be interested in? Do you have any to recommend to me? I'm always looking for something new! 

Xx Katie

9 comments on "Drama TV Series Recommendations "
  1. Ahhh so many of these shows I love! I'm a massive fan of Gossip Girl, it's one of those shows I can forever keep watching and have on in the background! Agreed, Chuck and Blaire are seriously the best. How to get away with murder is amazing as well! Totally gripping. Fun Fact ;) I actually work at E! and on the Royals! It's such a fun show, I love Elizabeth Hurley and think the show is just such a great guilty pleasure! :D xx

    1. That's so cool! Elizabeth Hurley is a total babe x

  2. Such a cool and casual post! I loved it x
    Morgan |

  3. Seem's like a great list! I've only watched Gossip Girl out of all these, but now with The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars ending soon, I definitely am going to need a new series to watch. This is so helpful xx

    Lauren |

  4. I love Breaking Bad so much, at the minute I'm watching Sons Of Anarchy and I'm so obsessed with it!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  5. Love your taste in TV. Such a big fan of Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl and The OC (kind of want to rewatch that - it's been years!!) I love the sound of How To Get Away with Murder, might watch that one next!

    The Makeup Directory

  6. I have never watched any of these! LOL! We watched Marvel's series (The Flash, Agent of SHIELD, Legends of Tomorrow), Ballers (because we love The Rock!), Blind Spot, Grimm and a couple more which I can't recall now.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. The OC & Gossip Girl were my favorite shows! Jenny Humphrey was my favorite character on GG. Great post. :)

  8. I'm a huge TV show person thanks for the inspo, I haven't seen any of these except Orange is the New Black, I couldn't get into Gossip Girl I should try again! x



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