August 24, 2017

The Best From Elf

A drugstore brand that I can always count on is Elf Cosmetics. They are constantly bringing out new, affordable, and innovative products. They are on top of trends and usually hit the mark with their new products. While there are a few duds in their extensive collection, the makeup is usually so affordable that it barely matters and when their products are good, they are great.

I've tried a big variety from Elf and I've managed to narrow it down to five of my favorite products from them!

Molten Liquid Shadow in Rose Gold
I bought this on a whim because I like the color and ended up loving the formula as well! Metallic eyeshadows are some of my favorites and I love them all over the lid. This one applies with a doefoot applicator and you have lots of time to blend it out and either build it up to full pigmentation or make it look more subtle. I really need to get the other shades!

Flawless Finish Foundation
Jessica Braun, a YouTuber I really respect, had been recommending this foundation for ages and after I went cruelty-free I was out of good drugstore foundation options. I decided to give this a go and now it has surpassed my former favorite Rimmel one! It has a lot of coverage but doesn't look cakey at all. The finish is more satin than glowy, but it doesn't emphasize dry patches. I can't believe that this is only $6. The packaging is great for the price as well. It even includes a pump! The shade range is unfortunately limited, but if you can find a close match I definitely recommend getting it.

Contour Palette
A friend of mine let me use her Elf Contour palette and I loved the contour shade in it, it was darker than most of the ones I own. I bought my own and have been using it pretty often. I sometimes dip into the other shades, but mostly I use the dark, cool-toned contour shade. The palette is worth the money just for that shade! If you have a darker skin tone this one probably won't work well for you, but for light and medium shades this is a great affordable option.

Mad for Matte swatches

Mad for Matte Palette
I was looking for an all-matte palette to go along with my Morphe 35OS and this one, which includes all-neutral shades, is perfect. The shadows are super smooth and easy to blend, performing better than any other drugstore palette I've tried. I haven't tried the other Mad for Matte palette from Elf but I've heard that the quality is even better!

Smudge Pot in Wine Not
I just bought this but I've already made a good dent in it. If you like the Maybelline Color Tattoos, MAC Paint Pots, or other cream shadows you might want to check these out! Wine Not is a gorgeous taupey purple that is great for autumn and winter. I haven't seen their other shades, but I definitely want to check them out.

What are your favorite Elf products?

Xx Katie
17 comments on "The Best From Elf"
  1. I love that foundation in the winter and the matte palette is on my wishlist.

  2. I need to dig out my Wine Not eyeshadow. The Molten eyeshadows also work really well as a base. It really pops the color you put on top. Their Summer Breeze palette is beautiful as well.

  3. I've not tried anything from ELF before, but it seems like they have great products that are reasonably priced too! I love the sound of the foundation!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. I've wanted to try some of these for a long time but never knew if they were worth it, might pick them up next time I'm in Superdrug!

    Gabija |

  5. I never tried anything from ELF before, but as soon as I find a good website that sells their products I want all of the 10 pans eyeshadow palettes!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  6. I want to try the smudge pot so much!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  7. That contour palette looks perfect! I haven't used ELF in years but I used to love their products!

    The Makeup Directory

  8. This very useful review thanks for sharing this one.

    Stylish Wall Clocks

  9. This is the first review I read about elf molten eyeshadow! I'll pick it up soon!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  10. Paleta com cores lindas amei, make maravilhosas,
    obrigado pela visita, bom final de semana.

  11. I used to buy ELF products from i-herb but they don't have the new releases which is too bad since I would love to try some new products.
    Happy Saturday Katie xx


  12. I have the contour palette and i love it!


  13. I can't believe I haven't tried anything from Elf especially now that it's available in the UK! I love the look of that Mad for Matte palette, it looks like it has every brown neutral matte shade you'd ever need xx

  14. I love your picks! The contour palette sounds like such an amazing bargain, the shades look spot on too and not overly warm like a lot of other palettes. I've been eyeing that palette on instagram for ages! I don't have many neutral mattes so it looks perfect! I love cream eyeshadows so will keep an eye out for that range. Also, I'm so sorry I've missed your posts! I checked and I am following you on bloglovin, but I don't think they came up on my feed, I thought that had fixed itself. Never mind, I'll be sure to catch up! Hope you're having a good week xx

    Velvet Blush

  15. I am loving the elf palettes, especially their bronzer palette and highlighter palette! I've noticed a bunch of new brushes from them on Iherb and I definitely plan to pick them up!


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