October 16, 2016

Shopping My Stash #2

Every once in a while I find it helpful to go through my products and dig out ones that I love but I've been neglecting. I often get so caught up in trying new things that I forget about my old favorites! I went through each makeup category I have and I found a lot of products that need a bit of love. 
When doing my Blush Collection post I remembered how much I used to wear this, as you can tell! This is one of the only products I've ever hit pan on and I'd like to finally finish it. This is a sheer, light pink color that is impossible to over do. It goes with every makeup look and it has a beautiful satin/shimmer finish. I finally got into using blushes and then I put this easy product aside in favor of brighter colors. However, now that my cheeks are permanently pink from the cold, something like this is more up my street. 

I've been on a major palette binge lately, constantly buying and testing out new ones and completely forgetting the old. I reviewed this one over the summer and was really impressed with it and the color range it offered. Since then, it went to the bottom of my palette box even though it has some beautiful Autumnal shades! I love the purples in this palette and the marbled shades are really pretty, too. The quality doesn't necessarily rival my high-end palettes but these shadows are still easy to work with and have more versatility than my dozen neutral palettes. I'll definitely be giving this more love throughout the cold months! 

Literally all of my highlighters pack a glow that can be seen from space, except this one. That isn't necessarily a bad thing! I like to wear highlighter every day but on minimal makeup days I don't want an intense glow. Instead, I'll reach for this. 

Metallic lips have been a big trend over the past few months. Every brand seems to be coming out with metallic liquid lipsticks. I'm not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks and how drying they are, so instead I'll use this gorgeous metallic lip gloss to get a similar effect. This can be placed just in the center of the lips for a plumper pout or a thick layer can be added for a full-on metal sheen. I like to layer it over other colors so the nude shade doesn't wash me out. 

When I first received this I was obsessed with it. The formula is so comfortable but pigmented, and because it has built-in primer it lasts really well for a non-matte lipstick. Nudes are always appropriate (don't take that out of context!) so I have no excuse not to wear this shade! 

When I'm applying makeup in the morning the last thing I want to deal with is sharpening a pencil liner. While I love the creamy formula of this, I never sharpen it and therefore never reach for it. I'm going to try to sharpen it when I wash my makeup brushes, which is about once a week, so I'll end up using it more as a result. 

I remembered I had this while doing my 10 Amazing Eyeshadow Singles, Duos and Trios post. It didn't make the cut, but it definitely could have if I only used it more often. It's often overshadowed by my favorite Infallible shadow, Amber Rush, which I never stop talking about. Bronzed Taupe has the same formula in a more subtle shade. I've been trying to wear more cool tones and this shimmery taupe definitely fits the bill. 

Swatches from left to right: Pink Blush, Melon Pop, Beige Pearl, Glimmery Black, Bronzed Taupe,                                                                                Foiled

I've moved all of these products to the top of my drawers or vanity so I won't be neglecting them any longer. I hate to let a good product go to waste and maybe rediscovering my own collection will prevent me from buying new items! 

What products do you need to use more often?
Xx Katie
15 comments on "Shopping My Stash #2 "
  1. Awesome collection, I love anything Revlon!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. This is such a great idea!

    xo, Liz

  3. Wow, you've done a pretty amazing hole in the blush! That's amazing. :) When I saw this eyeshadow palette for the first time, I thought I needed it right way because of the metallic - marble shades. But when I found out that it is from Makeup Revolution, I was kinda disappointed. I own one of their palettes and didn't like it at all.
    Michelle Morchella

    1. This is the only MUR product I've tried and I like it a lot! Some of the shades are a little chalky or patchy but the majority are good, especially for the price :)

  4. That palette looks amazing - I want! Great post x

  5. I have just started going through my collection and pulling out some unloved products and putting them to use :) Love the look of that L'Oreal eye shadow.

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.com

  6. the makeup revolution palette looks so pretty!


  7. I love shopping my stash. It's amazing some of the things you find that you completely forget you have. Love the L'Oreal eyeshadow.

    Face to Curls | http://facetocurls.com

  8. I really need to sit down and do the same too. I've been stuck in the same rut as you, buying and using new products and completely forgotten my old stuff. You just reminded me that I should start using some of the old makeup again.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. I have too many products at the back of my drawers and I keep purchasing more and more. I need to re-discover all things I purchased last year, I already did this with my dark lipsticks!


  10. I've had my eyes on Brave palette by Makeup Revolution for quite some time now. :D
    and Clinique Pop lipstick looks pretty good to me

    xo Honey - ROYAL LIFESTYLE

  11. Bronzed taupe is such a pretty shade! I'm adding it to my list to check out!

    She Likes to Shop

    1. If you can swatch it in store, you'll be amazed! x

  12. My makeup stash could definitely do with the same sort of treatment - I have so many products that I just neglect! I really like the look of the ones you've listed here, especially that Clinique blush! I didn't know Clinique did such lovely makeup, I will have to check them out. :) Thank you for sharing! x


  13. I love the products you've picked. The Loreal eyeshadow is such a beautiful colour!x

    Ellé | www.ellesimpson.co.uk


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