February 25, 2016

Recreating Unusual Make-up Looks

Do you ever see those Instagram posts that make you think: who would actually leave the house like that?! If you follow many beauty accounts, you might see these multiple times a day! They always look really cool, but rarely something I would try out for myself. However, over the past few weeks I’ve been screenshotting these strange beauty looks and I’m determined to try to recreate them! I am by no means a make-up artist, model, or photographer, but using products that I already own I thought I would try to see if the average person can remake these looks.

I decided to focus on the lips today using two photos from @MacCosmetics on Instagram as inspiration. The first is a dripping hot pink photo from the artist Josue Rafuls (@JosueRafuls on Instagram). I love the bright pink color and was very excited to try this out for myself!

To attempt this, I used a blue-toned pink lipstick as a base, Clinique's Punch Pop. The glossiness of this lip look was definitely the hardest part, as was finding a spot in my poorly lit house to take a photograph! I used a very old lip gloss from Bath and Body Works to add some shine and attempt the melting/dripping effect.

 It didn’t quite work out, as you can probably tell!

The other lip look I wanted to try out is this photo from a Vivienne Westwood show, done by make-up artist Dominic Skinner (@Dominic_Mua on Instagram) and posted by Maccosmetics. It is described as “well-used lips”.

To attempt this, I first concealed my natural lip color with foundation. Next, using an old blush brush, I dabbed it into a red lipstick and stippled it over the center of my lips. I used Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow at first, but this lipstick has too many pink undertones so I switched to Mary Kay’s Crimson for a better red. Using the crimson shade, I outlined the middle of my bottom lip, added more color to various areas, and tried to create the Cupid’s bow outline above my top lip. To me, the photo also seemed to reflect a bit of gold shimmer (is it just me?) so I pressed a tiny bit of gold eye shadow onto the lips.

I think this one worked out better than the first, but it definitely isn’t as intricate as Dominic’s original look. Looking back I should have applied more color and not used a pink-based red.

This was so much fun to do! Please let me know if you like the concept of this post, I’m thinking of turning it into a series (maybe once or twice a month) on this blog. Hopefully in the future my modeling/artist skills will improve!

Do you like unusual beauty styles?

Xx Katie
10 comments on "Recreating Unusual Make-up Looks"
  1. The post is fantastic! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!


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  3. This was a very interesting post.


  4. you have great blog:) I follow you:)


  5. What a fab idea for posts, you are so right, I see this all the time on IG, thinking now you aren't going out like that right? lol


    1. Thank you! My camera roll is now full of strange screenshots haha x

  6. Please do more of these, i's so fun! It's like trying pinterest recipes and seeing the result! I'd LOVE to see more of it!!!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. It was fun to do them, I'm definitely going to try some more! I'm seeing a lot of cool eyeliner posts lately... x

  7. Aww! That's really fun to recreate these! I think the second look is a bit more wearable.


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