February 23, 2016

Review: Clinique Pop Eyeshadows and Lipsticks

My aunt is an avid Clinique fan and she is often sent samples, which she is kind enough to regift to me! The latest products I’ve received are from the recent Clinique Pop collection including two eyeshadow duos and two lipsticks. I’ve been testing them out for the past few weeks and I can’t wait to tell you my thoughts!

The two eyeshadow duos I received include one called Morning Java, which is the name for both shadows in the case, and the other includes two shades called Nightcap and Starlight Starbright. Both come in a cute white slide-out case with colorful circles printed on it.

Morning Java includes a shimmery dark gold shadow and a shimmery burgundy/brown shadow. This set definitely suits my brown eyes better than the other. When first swatched, the shadows are very pigmented but the color payoff is more on the sheer side. They can, however, be built up to match the color that you see in the pan. I applied two layers to get the color in the arm swatches! These two shades blend together really nicely and the warm tones suit each other well. I wish a lighter highlight shade was included, but then I suppose they wouldn’t be duos! These duo shadows are included in a quad of the same name if you'd like to pick them up!  


The other eyeshadow set I received included Nightcap, a cool-toned shimmery taupe-grey shade, and Starlight Starbright, a shimmery teal. Once again, these shadows apply sheer but the pigmentation can be built up like they are in the swatches. I have been wearing Nightcap a lot and even blending it with the burgundy shadow from the Morning Java duo, but I rarely use Starlight Starbright. The color is gorgeous but I’ve never been able to pull off blue or green shades. However, on blue-eyed people this color is amazing. I used Starlight Starbright on my friend the other day and when it was blended with Nightcap, it really made her eyes pop! (pun intended)


Moving on to the lipsticks (which I believe are minis), I was given Punch Pop and Melon Pop. Punch Pop (top) is a bright blue-toned pink and Melon Pop (bottom) is a peachy pink. These lipsticks really impressed me! I expected the colors to be sheer, but they definitely are not. In the first swatch photo above, I only used one swipe of the lipstick. ONE SWIPE. I built it up a little bit for the next photo, but as you can see the color wasn’t much brighter, as if it could get brighter than that!

Both of these lipsticks apply easily and feel very light and moisturizing on the lips, leaving a glossy finish. They wear for 3-5 hours and you can eat or drink lightly while wearing it. I will probably use Melon Pop a lot in the future, but Punch Pop is rather unflattering on me. If you have a deeper skin tone I don’t think you’d have the same issue!

I’ve been really enjoying Clinique make-up lately so the Pop line is a welcome addition to my collection! What do you think of these products?

Xx Katie
1 comment on "Review: Clinique Pop Eyeshadows and Lipsticks"
  1. The little eyeshadow duos look so cute and the quality of the swatches seems great! :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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