March 15, 2017

MAC Lipstick Collection

I feel like every beauty blogger has done a post like this, but every collection is different and I'm very happy with mine! It's definitely not the largest nor the most diverse, but I use every shade and I've tried most of the finishes. I don't have any limited-edition shades and I don't plan to pick any up because I hate blogging about something that is unavailable, but sometimes the packaging is so beautiful I want to break that rule!

Lipsticks are probably what MAC is most famous for; the sleek bullet tubes are featured in all of those envy-worthy collection photos and the lipsticks come in an unparalleled array of shades and formulas. In my opinion not all of the finishes are worth the price tag, but in general I really love the formula and I reach for my MAC lipsticks all the time.

Angel (frost)
This is a classic pale pink shade that is perfect for everyday, especially in the spring and summer. It's not very pigmented but it feels comfortable on the lips and it's one of those colors you can just throw on without worrying about it. That being said, the frost finish isn't one of my favorites so if you can find a color dupe I'd go for a dupe instead!

Blankety (amplified)
I haven't tried this lipstick yet as it just arrived yesterday, but from the swatches it's an intensely pigmented, creamy light pink-nude. I absolutely can't wait to try it because the color and formula is right up my street.

Faux (satin)
The satin finish is one of my favorites, it's the perfect middle ground between matte and creamy. It's similar to Blankety but darker and more pink, another great spring shade. I love pink shades like this that aren't too bright or too Barbie-ish.

Honey Love (matte)
This is right up there with Velvet Teddy for my all-time favorite lipstick. I couldn't put this down throughout 2016! It's a beige lipstick with a slight pink to it, perfect for fair-skinned ladies. The MAC matte finish is incredibly comfortable (unlike the retro-matte, from what I've heard!) If you'd like to dip a toe into a brown-lip trend, this is a good place to start.

Hot Gossip (cremesheen)
I originally came across this lipstick while reading an interview with the stylist from Scream Queens, who said that this was the lipstick the character Chanel Oberlin wears on the show. It looked amazing on Emma Roberts so that was good enough for me! It's a brighter mauve-pink with a slight shine to it.

Hue (glaze)
Your first MAC lipstick has a special place in your heart, and this one is mine! It's a wearable peachy shade. Unfortunately, the glaze finish is probably my least favorite. It sits on top of the lips and emphasizes every line and crack. Luckily the Nyx butter lipstick in Snowcap is a great dupe, so if you like the color I would check out the Nyx option.

Velvet Teddy (matte)
The hype is real with this one, y'all. Velvet Teddy is a brownish, reddish nude this is so flattering on a variety of skin tones. I wear it year round but especially during the autumn and winter months! Like I said, the matte formula is one of my favorites and it's got the perfect amount of pigmentation. I haven't found another lipstick like it so this is a great shade to pick up.

Viva Glam II (satin)
The only time I ever visited a MAC counter I picked up this color. It looks similar to Honey Love in the tube, but on the skin it has a mauve undertone to it. The profits for this shade also go to a good cause so I'd like to get more Viva Glam shades in the future.

Swatches from left to right: Angel, Blankety, Faux, Honey Love, Hot Gossip, Hue, Velvet Teddy, Viva Glam II

I have an unrealistic goal of filling up my 18-carrier lipstick tray with MAC bullets, so comment your favorite shades below! Next I think I will get a more bold pink or red shade.

Xx Katie

11 comments on "MAC Lipstick Collection"
  1. Honey Love looks so pretty. oddly enough I've never really been interested in the MAC lipsticks, but I've heard wonderful things about them.

  2. I love those kinds of shades! I really want to try blankety. My favorites are Twig, Mocha and Whirl, maybe you will like them!

    Instagram | Blog

  3. You have such a great collection. I love Angel xx

  4. I don't think I would like any of these shades, I didn't even like Velvet Teddy! My favorites are Retro, Persistence, and Mocha, for nudes.


  5. Angel and Hot Gossip are beautiful pink shades, perfect for spring. I don't own that many MAC lipsticks, I keep purchasing more affordable options but I would love to get my hands on Mehr (a lovely muted pink) and Angel.


  6. You're not wrong.. I've seen so many M.A.C. collection posts lately. Maybe I need to jump on the bandwagon too? Aha.
    I absolutely love Velvet Teddy! It's definitely my favourite shade to-date. I've actually wanted to try Faux for a while now, but I always end up putting it back when I do go to buy it because I feel like it's so similar to Velvet Teddy.. with a different finish, of course. What do you think?
    I'm also kind of loving Sin lately. I've always shied away from dark, intense colours but since it's Autumn here in Australia, I've been wearing it quite a bit and I'm pretty sure I'm in love aha.

    Christie's Take on Life.  xx

  7. MAC lipsticks are always so special to me ! Velvet teddy used to be my favorite.

    Your collection is really nice.

  8. I really need to get my hands on Faux, it looks right up my street! The only shade I have from these is Velvet Teddy, which I'm a big fan of :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. Blankety, Faux and Viva Glam II are right up my alley.
    oh good luck with getting all 18 of those, that's actually a nice goal haha
    I only have Ruby Woo and as some say it's drying, I love it so freaking much and it's a perfect shade and it lasted whole day with multiple eating and drinking and talking...
    I really like the post!!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  10. You have such a pretty collection! I definitely need Faux & Honeylove in my life. Gorgeous shades!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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