March 20, 2016

The Liebster Awards

I only recently first heard about the Liebster Awards so I'm so happy that I was tagged to do them! If you are unfamiliar with the tag, it's a blogging award that is given to you by other bloggers. Liebster (German) means sweetest, beloved, dearest, kindest, etc. Basically you are tagged to answer eleven questions and then spread the love by tagging other bloggers!

I was tagged by the lovely Darriyan from so if you haven't checked out her blog yet make sure you do, I love it!

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging for so many reasons it's hard to pinpoint just one! I was feeling really inspired by the beauty blogging community and I wanted to join in on that myself. I've also always loved writing, it's one of the only "creative" hobbies that I enjoy.

2. How long have you been blogging?

I started seriously blogging in October on a different blog before deleting it and creating this one. But when I was younger I used to create them all the time just for fun! I remember I had one called "KatieRoxMySoxOff".

3. What's your favorite fashion style?

My favorite styles are either beachy or preppy. (Think Marissa Cooper meets Blair Waldorf) If I could I would dress like it's summer all year round!

4. If you could live in any Disney/Pixar movies, what world would you live in?

I would either live in Corona from Tangled or the underwater kingdom from the Little Mermaid. Corona looks like a beautiful medieval city but I've also always wanted to be a mermaid!

5. What's your favorite/memorable childhood moment?

I have an awful memory so everything that I remember from childhood is especially memorable. The best ones are from family vacations.

6. Where do you want to travel? Be specific!

One day I want to live in Australia so that's my #1 place to go. I'm planning on attending grad school on the Sunshine Coast but I think I would like to visit Surfer's Paradise and Byron Bay! I'd also love to travel to Greece, Spain, England, Albania, South Africa, Germany...literally everywhere.

7. What's your favorite dessert and why?

My aunt's cheesecake. She only makes it on special occasions so I eat a ton of it whenever I can get my hands on it!

8. Who are your favorite musical artists right now?

My all-time favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I also love Adele, Troye Sivan, Mariana's Trench and Mayday Parade!

9. If you could travel back in time to meet any famous historical person, who do you want to meet and why?

Audrey Hepburn. She's a huge inspiration to me and I love her style, acting, and charity work.

10. What's your dream home?

I've always wanted to live in a big Tudor house by the ocean.

11. What do you want to learn in the future?

I'm studying psychology at university so I'm definitely interested in learning more about it. I also want to learn about every single country in the world.

I hope this helped you learn more about me, I appreciate you reading it!

I tag:

Xx Katie

3 comments on "The Liebster Awards"
  1. Nice to know more about you. I get why you would want to eat more of the cheesecake when it's available. I will probably do so too if it was me.

  2. I love any kind of cheesecake :) and from anywhere :) thanks for visiting my blog !!

  3. Lovely post! Maybe we could follow each other on GFC and instagram @djonovic_milica? If yes, follow me and I follow back as soon as I see it.
    Let me know with a comment on my Blog



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