March 22, 2016

Top Five Essie Nail Polishes

With so many colors to choose from, Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands. They are great quality, they’re not too pricey and did I mention the colors?! I’ve built up quite the collection but I’ve narrowed it down to my top five colors that I like to wear throughout the year.

Haute in the Heat: This hot pink shade is perfect for the summer! It’s bright, but not neon, so it makes quite a statement on the nails. Unlike some other Essie colors, this pink is incredibly pigmented—sometimes I only use one coat! It's also really long lasting. I have this on my toes right now and it's held strong for the past two weeks, no chips!

Butler Please: One of my first Essie nail polishes, this bluish purple is dark but bright at the same time. The color is so unique and that makes it my favorite blue nail color. It looks amazing with a tan!

Back in the Limo: As the weather warms up I’ve been turning to this sheer peach polish more and more. If you want the color in the bottle you need to build up the layers, but I like to use it as a ‘your nails but better’ sort of shade. It’s also a great base for a French manicure!

Mint Candy Apple: Has there ever been a more perfect mint shade? This color works for so many seasons and occasions. Depending on what you’re wearing, it can be subtle or the pop of color that can complete a look. I’m obsessed with it. This is another one of those uber-pigmented colors where you can get away with one coat.

Jump in my Jumpsuit: This luxurious dark red nail polish is one of my favorites for Autumn/Winter. It looks amazing alone or with a matte topcoat on top, and I love to wear it to fancy dinners or with a little black dress.


From left to right, Haute in the Heat, Butler Please, Back in the Limo, Mint Candy Apple, and Jump in my Jumpsuit
What are your favorite Essie nail polishes?

Xx Katie
20 comments on "Top Five Essie Nail Polishes"
  1. These nail colours are beautiful. I am so lazy when it comes to applying nail polish.

  2. The shade mint candy apple looks gorgeous!

  3. Oh that Mint Candy Apple looks so pretty, I haven't tried a lot from Essie but I do love Bikini So Teeny.

    Nicole xx |

  4. I have way to many Essie color, 24 in all. But my favorite right now is Miami Nice.

  5. I love Butler Please! That's such a different colour, I'd say that's actually a shade I don't own! Haha x

    Love, Maia

  6. I never wear blue polish but I really like Butler Please, it's gorgeous!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. You have an amazing range of shades here - love the look of Back in the Limo and Mint Candy Apple :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. Such beautiful shades, I'm totally struck with the pastel hues, they look amazing for spring and accentuating a tan later on in summer :D loving your photos! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I completely agree, I'm mostly wearing pastels at the moment!

  9. I'm not the biggest Essie nail polish lover because I find that they chip pretty quickly on me, but I do absolutely love the shades they have!


    1. For me they're a little hit and miss, some last a really long time and others chip the first day or two.

  10. I love Jump in my Jumpsuit! Unfortunately I don't actually own any Essie nail polishes :(

    Cultivation of Jasmin

    1. They have a great color range but the formula isn't the best out there. I usually only buy them when they're on sale! :)

  11. I like the sheerer shades, but Essie is one of my favourite brands x

    Kiran |

  12. Such pretty shades! Perfect for spring!

    Darriyan xx |

  13. Such lovely shades! I've only got one Essie polish, but I really want to try some more shades. I always find it so hard to pick a shade as there is so much choice x

    Lauren |


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